• Rattling sabres

    Folk singer Phil Ochs (1940-1976) wrote a ballad about old people, mainly politicians, giving young people orders on how they should behave and believe. The closing verse is:

    “So keep right on a talking

    And tell us what to do.

    If nobody listens,

    My apologies to you.

    And I know that you were younger once

    ‘Cause you sure are older now,

    So when I got something to say, Sir,

    I’m going to say it now.”

  • A Yankee girl does rodeo

    America consists of four countries: (1) everything east of the Mississippi River excluding Florida; (2) Florida, (3) everything west of the Mississippi River excluding California; and, (4) California. Rodeos are the province of people in country (3) although some folks in Florida and California do know there is no accent on the term rodéo except for a certain drive in Beverly Hills frequented by the frou-frou set.

  • Do we want to fool Mother Nature?

    China’s National Science Review reported in March 2019 that Bing Su of the Kunming Institute of Zoology has inserted human genes into monkeys. His apparent goal was to investigate how the brains of early primates developed along different paths with monkeys remaining in the trees and Homo sapiens progressing to the Internet.

  • Two auspicious days

    The seven day period beginning April 08 and ending April 15 has two important days, one joyous and one sad. April 08 is Peg’s birthday. Please wish her happiness and strength as she deals with having me home a lot more now. As to the other significant anniversary, Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865. As if paying our taxes on April 15 was not already sad enough.

  • Slightly enlarge the tent

    For many years many of America’s universities have gladly accepted contributions from wealthy donors whose children or grandchildren then receive special consideration for admission to those schools. The mock shock of the academic world over the current debacle concerning bribery and fraud in the admission process for colleges such as Yale, Texas, U.S.C., Stanford, Georgetown, Wake Forest and others rings hollow when the name on a building at a school is the same name as an under qualified admitted freshman.

  • Seven days vs. 45 minutes

    Both the Quran and the Bible claim the World was created in six days by a God who even took a final day to rest up. I am okay with this explanation. It is simple, understandable and interesting. It certainly beats all the hours needed by me in an attempt to dimly comprehend the physics, chemistry and biology behind evolution. However, this is not a column about the age-old discussion about science versus religion. No, this is a plea to the sadists who write the directions that accompany Do-It-Yourself home improvement projects such as installing a ceiling fan.

  • Falsely accused

    If you have never been falsely accused of a horrendous act, give thanks to the Lord! How does one protect oneself from the evil in other’s hearts?  What does one do if there is someone who puts blame on you for a criminal act?

    Being falsely accused is usually done by someone who is trying to cover criminal activity, perhaps by a family member, or often, dishonest activity of their own. Or, could it be that the person making accusations has a hatred for the person? Hatred is a consuming emotion whose path is never towards goodness.

  • A cat is not a dog

    I read the reports of the death of 85-year-old Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019) who was one of the Western World’s most famous fashion designers. Lagerfeld had his own design company and designed for Chanel and Fendi. Although I had never heard of him until he died as my clothes designer is Levi Strauss, apparently a lot of people had heard of him as he left a fortune worth between 200 and 300 million dollars.

  • Think slow

    Two weeks before actor Jussie Smollett reported to Chicago police he had been assaulted by two white men Smollett sent himself a letter with similar sentiments. Smollett who claims to be “Bluish”, that is, the offspring of a Jewish father and a Black mother, and who also says he is homosexual created the letter. The letter was released by Smollett in hopes of causing sympathy for him so he could demand a raise in his salary on the television series Empire.

  • How the world ends

    The first television I saw was displayed in the front window of an appliance store on Main Street in Pawhuska, Oklahoma in 1950. It had a real wood cabinet which swallowed the 9” screen. The picture was a blurry black and white that showed the same Indian Chief test pattern for hours. It just sat there as a continuously gasping crowd of gawkers oohed and aahed. I was unaware that I was in the presence of the beginning of the end of meaningful conversation, the reading of books and independent judgment based on individual investigation and analysis.