• What is a friend?

    By Grace Bingamer

    What is a friend? There are hundreds of quotes, songs, and stories of friends and friendships, but it is defined as a person who you like and enjoy being with, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I feel that definition is quite lacking because I think friends are so much more than those simple words. True friends are those that are not only there when times are fun but they are the ones that get you through the tough times in life.

  • What makes cats crazy?

    When psychiatrists and psychologists diagnose for human mental illness they use psychometric tests and sometimes DNA factors but mainly just talk. That is, people, criminal defendants who have claimed insanity for example, are simply interviewed and their responses are analyzed. If their observed behavior plus their answers fall into certain categories, they are said to be mentally ill.

  • Saying good-bye to Bessie

    I have to laugh at the Northwestern Insurance commercial. You know the one where the characters name their cars and get all bent out of shape after an accident totals their car, and they are forced to get a replacement.

    Well…I can laugh because that’s me. I bought my Explorer in 2005. Oh the stories she could tell. About a month ago, Bessie began her rapid decent into oblivion. She no longer wanted to let oil pump through her veins. She just decided to burn it. Sure, she was high-mileage, coming in at a salty 264,000 miles, but she earned every one.

  • What is courage?

    By Grace Bingamer

    What is courage? To some it is the courageous historic events going back to the days of the Pilgrims who came to this unknown new world to start a new country, to the brave soldiers that revolted against Britain for the freedom we have today, to the explores who left all they knew to discover this continent and to the entire country rallying around the troops after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor.

  • The lion sleeps tonight

    The Transportation Security Agency’s airport security system was put to an internal test recently. The results were that 95% of weapons and drugs passed through without detection.

    I suppose this means out of every 10 passengers, 10 were subjected to so-called security measures but 9 ½ of them could have still brought down a plane.

    Passengers are not even the greatest threat. According to a statement made by Lauren Stover, the Miami airport security director, to CNN:

  • The definition of insanity

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.” Society credited Albert Einstein with coining the phrase that research suggests began with Benjamin Franklin. The fact that this statement has existed that long tells me we’ve had this problem for a while… a couple decades short of 300 years to be exact.

  • TGIF

    Thank goodness it’s Friday and the final day of my two weeks of “vacation”. I can’t wait to get back to work and away from Peg’s unending, ever changing list of things that must be done RIGHT NOW and by Me!

    Here’s how the negotiations went four weeks ago. Jim: “Uh, Peg, due to a schedule change at work I have an opportunity to squeeze in a couple of weeks of free time. I was thinking I’d just chill out for a while.”

  • The importance of student financial literacy

    By Sen. Joe Donnelly

    A college education is important for many Hoosiers to secure good-paying jobs in today’s competitive economy.  Student loans help enable thousands of Hoosiers access to a quality college education that would otherwise be out-of-reach.

    Nearly one million Indiana students have federal student loans, and according to the Institute for College Access and Success, Hoosiers in the Class of 2013 graduated with an average of $28,466 in debt.

  • And we wonder why?

    Last week, Ray Kessler wrote about activities this community offered that provided him many great memories. Sadly, only one of those places


    For me, it was the bowling alley, the skating rink and Circus Video. I remember taking my sister there when she was little and that was the last thing I did before starting college.

  • Now what

    In Michael Webster’s editorial last week, he described the local political scene to mirror the actions of kindergarteners. Like many of those who gave him a shout out for his article, I had to agree. We jest that a few have acted childishly, but the fact of the matter is that these actions are serious.