• The return of the boil mentality

    In the last few months, I’ve spent a great deal of time with Mount Vernon Water Superintendent Chuck Gray. We’ve had a number of discussions about the needs of the city in terms of water infrastructure. He is cautiously optimistic about the city’s water system and is looking forward to the growth that a new water tower and backup filtration system can bring to the community.

  • A giant blinking monument to government waste?

    In light of the emerging revelations about self-inflicted financial woes at the City’s Parks Department. the city needs to reassess the overspent department’s plan to install and maintain a $24,000 giant blinking sign in Riverbend Park. Not only would a giant blinking sign in the park be an embarrassing eyesore, it could just as well be seen as a giant blinking monument to government waste. 

  • A giant blinking mistake


    The Mount Vernon City Council has decided to spend more than $24,000 to put a giant blinking sign in Riverbend Park. Reportedly, it will be as big as the Dairy Queen sign. They say the giant sign won’t blink, but when an LED light switches on or off or to a different color when it scrolls or changes the message, the sign blinks. 

  • The thing about challenging candidates

    I’ve read “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I’d like to acknowledge up front that this editorial isn’t going to win me any friends. I’m not sure about the influencing people part yet, but we’ll see.  

  • The thing about challenging candidates

    By Jamie Grabert

  • Don't forget your ID and your rights

    When you go to the polls in a couple weeks, make sure to bring your ID. Even though the Voter ID law has been in effect for a few years now, inevitably, people either forget their ID or haven't heard about the law.
    At the same time, don't forget your rights as a voter.
    The ID you present at the polls must be a government-issued photo ID. The ID must contain the following elements:
    • Your photo

  • Use safety on ATVs

    It seems like I write this column every year. And every year, I think, "I just wrote this last year. I shouldn't write it again," and I almost didn't. But this week, I've seen at least two accounts of off-road vehicle wrecks that led to injuries.
    A few years ago, a family friend back home was killed in an ATV wreck. Austin was a young teen, 14 at the time. He was crossing the road on his four-wheeler at a spot with poor visibility, a car topped a hill, and it was over. The boy who loved the outdoors - fishing and deer hunting especially - was dead.

  • Smoking habit harder to kick in spite of more pressure to do so

    Visitors to the Mount Vernon Democrat and other businesses are likely seeing new signs posted at entrances, telling those entering the building that smoking is not allowed within eight feet of the entrance.
    These signs are required by the state’s new Smoke-Free Air Law that went into effect July 1.
    Whether you agree with the law or not, there’s no arguing that smoking is unhealthy. People who quit will be healthier than if they continue smoking. Also, there’s no arguing that second-hand smoke does adversely impact those in the vicinity of a smoker.

  • Patience a must in child-rearing

    Many of us remember seeing the billboards and other PSAs — “Never Shake a Baby.”
    They were so common, it seems no one could have missed the message. Still, as is the case with many such warnings and efforts to educate about a public safety issue, this message continues to go unheeded.

  • Water Safety

    With temps staying up around, and above, 100 degrees for an extended period in Posey County, I hear more and more people talking about finding relief by the water, whether it’s their own pool, a public establishment or naturally-occuring water, like rivers or lakes. While I share the same increasing desire to spend all day, every day, submerged in water, I hope that everyone will take the time to keep water safety rules in mind.