• Billy Letters: I Shud-A-Said, I Shud-A-Said

    By Billy Jellison

  • Guest Editorial: Thanks for a great school year

    By Dr. Tom Kopatich

    MSD of Mt. Vernon Superintendent

  • Bicycle safety can save a life

    Bicycling is a fun outdoor sport. Many of all ages and levels of interest and skill take part in cycling, especially during summer months. School kids can often be seen riding their bikes together on town streets, and adults who enjoy the sport or do it for exercise can also be seen, often riding on rural roads and highways.
    Lately, cycling has also become a more and more common means of transportation for practical reasons, like saving money on gas.
    As more and more riders take to the streets and roads, it’s important that riders and motorists know the rules.

  • Animal cruelty

    A story in this week’s paper is a reminder of just how cruel, and just how heroic, some people can be.
    A couple of dogs were found in a field near Country Club Estates. A couple who lives in the subdivision saw the dogs and attempted a rescue. One died as soon as they got the dog home, and the other was taken to Hawthorne animal clinic and is on a long road to recovery.

  • Calling all music lovers

    One review I read used the word “masterpiece.” Another hoped that the album’s release would spur a revival in the song cycle, or a composition of several songs meant to be performed as one unit. Whatever the reviews said, all were positive, and all told me more and more how fortunate we are to have such a superb performance coming to our doorsteps.

  • Vigilante justice or terrorism?

  • Questions for parents to ponder

    Being a parent is a tough job for anyone, and the more one has to do, the harder it is.
    With a career, house cleaning (which often gets neglected), laundry, homework, extra-curricular events, special school projects, meals, etc., it's tough to keep up. Sometimes, weeks will pass, and I'll stop for a moment and listen to my daughter and be amazed at where she is in life. She's growing up, and even though I'm there with her for a good bit of it, I feel like I'm missing it - that it's passing me by in a blur.

  • Tornado damage

    As part of my weekly routine, I often take our shopper, the Posey Advantage, over into Illinois for distribution. I did so on Wednesday, Feb. 29, hours after a tornado came through that part of the state.

  • The immediacy of Facebook

    A couple weeks ago, I was talking with someone who works with kids on a daily basis. We were talking about some issues kids face today that we didn’t when we were young.
    One of those issues, of course, had something to do with Facebook. There’s no escaping the social media of today. In fact, I was just thinking the other day about how being able to so easily contact my Facebook “friends” was very handy. And
    some correspondence that would have taken possibly days before took just a few minutes.

  • Resolving not to resolve

    Ah, the New Year is upon us. This year, I'm taking a different approach. Every year, I resolve to eat better, exercise and go to church or prayer service more. I do these things for a month or maybe more, then I relapse. After years of this behavior, I've decided to take a different approach.