• 'Under the bridge downtown'

    This year’s Thanksgiving wasn’t very traditional for me. For the first time I can ever remember, I didn’t have turkey and dressing and all the fixin’s, and I didn’t watch football. Due to a death in my in-laws’ family and some other exhausting events, we didn’t much feel up to it.
    I did, however, lie in bed and watch movies until I fell asleep late Thursday afternoon. I awoke at around midnight with a sore throat, which is another explaination for why I didn’t much feel up to all the Thanksgiving hubbub.

  • Learning from holiday history

  • Straightening our priorities

    We hear about priorities all our lives. When we enter school, teachers tell us we need to get our priorities straight, which usually translates into doing our homework before we go play outside.
    For those who are part of a religious or spiritual community, getting priorities in line often means God comes first. When I was a kid in church, we learned JOY — Jesus, Others, You.
    When we’re young, it often seems clear what’s most important.

  • Day challenged more than kids

    When I went to North Posey High School for Challenge Day a couple weeks ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t been told much by friends who’d experienced previous Challenge Day events, but I did get the idea from them that it was intense. In fact, “intense” was the exact word one used. Others said “powerful” and “emotional.”

  • Don’t be horrified by identity theft tricks

    By Cynthia Whitaker
    Social Security District Manager

  • Letters and what we do with them

    Each week, the Mount Vernon Democrat runs Letters to the Editor in the space to the right of this column.
    The Reader’s Letters space is reserved for readers who wish to express their opinions about issues, or non-profit organizations or ventures that wish to thank those who helped with or supported a project. Letters have also been used to give an account of an event and to thank or give recognition to people who have gone out of their way to help a fellow person in need or in harm’s way.

  • Which way will we go?

    I received the below press release the other day, which will likely be helpful to many. As I looked at the short announcement, I couldn’t help but think about the current debt ceiling debate going on in Congress.

  • Mud, mud and more mud

    One word can sum up many of the events of this year’s Posey County Fair — mud. And as far as I’m concerned, mud’s about all you need to have a good time.
    The other events were definitely worth my time as well. I enjoy looking at the farm animals and exhibits, and I never knew until this year how much I could enjoy a cat show. Those things are just so darn cute. And there’s the talent show, the pageants and all the livestock shows.

  • Saddened by end of shuttles

    As I listened to radio coverage of the launch of the Spaceshuttle Atlantis - the historic launch that ended the U.S. spaceshuttle program, my mind immediately went back to  1986.
    I was 11 years old and in the sixth grade, but I wasn’t at school. I was playing hooky, pretending I had a headache (not something I made a habit of), and I was on my grandma’s couch. Coverage of the Challenger launch had probably interrputed her regularly-scheduled soap.

  • ‘Go and do likewise’

    Rachel Toon, a weekly contributor to the Mount Vernon Democrat and co-owner of NaeRae’s Health Food Store in Mount Vernon, sent the following information about a fellow resident in need:
    Abi Bloodworth, 22, has a rare cancer, “Extraskeletal Ewing’s Sarcoma,” in her leg. She has begun chemo and radiation therapy. The prognosis for full recovery is excellent!
    The Bloodworths have minimal insurance coverage.