• Fight back against sexual assault

    In commemoration of April as National Victims of Violent Crimes month, the below article will replace our regular column.
    By Richard N. Waldman, MD
    President, The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

    There are more than 300,000 rape-related physical assaults against women each year in the US. Nearly one in six women will be the target of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. Yet despite its prevalence, rape remains the least reported and punished violent crime in the US.

  • Helping in more ways than one

    This week, At the Cross Mission Inc. announced its own 501c3 status. This means mission organizer and pastor, the Rev. Myers Hyman no longer has to use his church’s status for the mission.
    Hyman and others with At the Cross seem excited about the progress they’ve made over the past several years. However, being  “official” also carries its own baggage. State regulations are requiring that At the Cross Mission install a new range hood, and the hood that will meet state requirements could run $13,000, purchase and installation all.

  • Exciting time for economic development

    You might look at the above headline and think some version of the famous text talk — WTH?
    After all, many recent headlines have revolved around education funding cuts, declining enrollments, cuts in other public programs, budget cuts, etc. So how can it be an exciting time for any kind of development, especially economic development?
    Recently, the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana held its second consecutive annual dinner and report to the Posey County business community at New Harmony Inn and Conference Center.

  • In our case 'Democrat' is just a name

  • Stay informed during campaign season

  • Moving Wall meant a lot to visitors

    This past holiday weekend felt a little more like Memorial Day than Labor Day in Mount Vernon as hundreds came into downtown to visit The Moving Wall. Motorcycles rolled in, as well as other vehicles, to see the wall — a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C., which contains the names of the nearly 58,000 men and women who died serving their country in Vietnam.

  • Obey traffic laws in school zones

    Monday, kids across Posey County had to roll out of bed a little earlier to start the school year, but they might not be the only ones who should change their morning schedule due to the start of school.
    I joined the many parents who drove their kids to school for the first day Monday when I took my daughter to Marrs. It was nice to see the kids out front while a parent snapped a photo, or walking in with their parents, or talking with friends they might not have seen all summer.