• Voter has issues with polling places, politicians

    It seems to me once a person is elected, they fall into the same rut the one who we voted out was in.
    Politicians don’t seem to get it, why 90 percent of the people don’t trust them. They pass laws and ordinances that don’t help the ordinary person. I hope the new elected do better; tell the truth, even if it hurts.
    Take the tax cap. I talked to a person who is in the know, I was told that if they don’t get enough money, they will assess you higher, having you pay one percent, two percent, or three percent on that new assessment.

  • Ashamed of VFW endorsement of Ellsworth

    Scott Straw, Mount Vernon

     I was appalled when I learned that the Veterans of Foreign Wars political action committee had endorsed Brad Ellsworth for U.S. Senate. As a conservative, I remained wary but neutral on Congressman Ellsworth until he made his one fatal mistake. He voted in favor of Obamacare. I will never forget the politicians who supported this disastrous legislation when 70 percent of Americans were not in favor of it.

  • Reader behind VFW endorsement of Ellsworth

    Ron Nesler, New Harmony

     I just saw it announced that the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) has endorsed Congressman Brad Ellsworth's Senate Campaign.
    I am a disabled Vietnam war veteran and a life member of the Disabled American Veterans. (DAV) I support Congressman Ellsworth for the Senate, too.  
    As a Congressman, Brad Ellsworth has supplied excellent constituent services to disabled war veterans. I know this for a fact because I am one of them.  

  • Thanks to River Days donors

    A committee of citizens of Mount Vernon, civic leaders and members of many organizations worked for months on plans for Mount Vernon River Days 2010 Despite weather conditions that were challenging on Friday, the event, overall, was a wonderful success for the Mount Vernon community However, it is those who have supported River Days financially that put "sails" on the plans of the committee.
    The following list includes the names of individuals and businesses who made contributions to Mount Vernon River Days:
    Life Boat Club  (In-Kind Gifts)

  • Thanks for bringing the Moving Wall

    Thanks for bringing Moving Wall to Posey
    I would like to publicly thank everyone responsible for arranging for the Vietnam War Moving Wall to be brought to Mount Vernon. The entire ceremony Saturday morning was extraordinary.
     It was nice to have the local American Legion and VFW organizations involved in the proceedings.  Bringing attention to the seven young service men from Posey County who died in Vietnam meant a great deal to me. One of those young men was a personal friend who was in high school with me at Mater Dei.

  • Letter from a soldier

    This is a portion of a letter received, via e'mail, from my Grandson-in-law Sgt. Joshua Paul Foor, after returning from his second tour to Iraq. He is stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC until discharge in Dec. 2010.  Josh is married to Amy Lynn (Chase) Foor, daughter of Jay Chase (Susan) of  Mount Vernon and Kay Hinton Chase Gordon (Marc) of Indianapolis, and granddaughter of Cherry Chase, Bettye Marvel and the late Gail Hendrix of Mount Vernon.