• Special Olympics thanks donors

    The Special Olympics would like to thank the community in regards to the recent River Days event. While the community event is in our recent past, your donations are still producing wonderful memories for our athletes.
    We would like to thank each of the donors who made our booth a success. Without our community support, we could do nothing. Thank you to the following:

  • Letter: Courthouse grounds always beautiful

    No matter the season, the grounds of the Posey County Courthouse Square in Mount Vernon always look lovely.  I believe we have one of the most well-kept squares in the area.  It gives me such joy to view the grounds each time I pass through town or sit at one of the stop lights on 4th Street.  I'm proud of the way it looks.  To the members of the Mt. Vernon Garden Club and other appropriate grounds keepers, I say “Thanks.” I know how hard you work and it shows!

    Virginia Alldredge
    Mount Vernon


  • Congratulations on successful River Days
  • Chamber president did not act for whole group

    The below letter was addressed to Christy Gillenwater, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana and shared with the Mount Vernon Democrat and other interested parties.

    Dear Ms. Gillenwater:

  • Imagination Station continues to be plagued by misconduct

    I I’ve lived at 523 College Ave. in Mount Vernon for over 40 years and really enjoyed most home projects living in our 1896 Queen Anne. We, at first, had a normal residential situation with three older houses across from us, and living was pleasant for all in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, those houses were lost in the late 1970s to an expanding automobile dealership seeking added land to park damaged and otherwise disabled vehicles. It wasn’t a pretty sight and irritating to have in our altered neighborhood.

  • Concert turnout could have included more local faces

    I would like to express on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Eagles #1717 for the attendance at the Tim Dugger, Nashville Country Concert Aug. 31, at the riverfront, on Water Street.
    All that  showed up at a great time and really enjoyed Tim Dugger and his band. However I am very disappointed that more of of own community of Mount Vernon did not appear, as well as city and county officials and employees. However we did have some officials show up to enjoy the festivities of this concert.

  • Feel like a criminal on my own property
  • Murder?


    I read a letter or news story about Anthony Goffinet being charged with stabbing his wife, then another charge of murder was brought later because she was carrying a baby. But when a doctor or nurse or quack performs an abortion, it is not murder?

    Pastor Jerry Hargett
    House of Prayer
    Mount Vernon

  • Kudos to sheriff Greg Oeth

    Recently,WFIE News aired an expose titled "Locked-up & Loaded.” The purpose of the feature was to cast the Posey County Jail as a perpetrator of entitling inmates to benefits beyond what they are entitled to by law, at taxpayers’ expense.

  • Thanks for making swim event a success

    The Brittlebank Swim team and the Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation would like to express our thanks for the support for the kids and the swim team  The invitational swim was well received and the kids had a lot of good swims. I would also like to thank all the parents for all their hard work. Below is a list of all the sponsors the team would like to thank: