• Remembering veterans of Korean Conflict

    On Sunday, Oct. 9, 1955, Posey County held a Korean Veterans Appreciation Day.
    On this date, they held a roll call for 565 persons from Posey County who served in this war.
    Not all of these people went over seas. Not all of these people saw combat. But what they did do was answer their county’s call. Sadly, eight of our brothers made the supreme sacrifice. July 27 is the 60th anniversary of this war. Let’s not forget.

  • Obama climate plan will cripple Indiana

    Dear Editor:
    The recent announcement of President Obama's climate-change plan is a revealing look into the future of our nation and, more importantly, the far-reaching and crippling effect it will have on Indiana.
    Though coal-based energy is at the root of the issue, the outcome of the president's plan will spread to affect far more than the 13,000-plus coal-related jobs in our state. Unfortunately, too many Hoosiers are not aware of its impending impact.

  • Community help needed to start committee

    We need your help! On Tuesday, July 16 at 3:30 p.m., join us at the Family Matters office to share your passion for our community and learn more about ways that you can be part of helping Posey County be a safer, healthier place to live and work.

  • Fertilizer plant will bring economic boon

    When Toyota Motor Corp. announced plans back in 1995 to build a plant near Princeton, Ind., it represented a tremendous shot in the arm for Gibson County and the entire Tri-State.
    The $700 million facility opened in 1998, resulting in about 1,300 new jobs. And if Toyota had never expanded the plant beyond that initial investment, it still would have been a huge economic success story for the area.

  • Residents should support fertilizer plant

    As a grain farmer in Posey County, Indiana, I consider the Midwest Fertilizer plant to be a necessity. Currently, almost all of our nitrogen feedstock comes up the Mississippi and Ohio rivers from Mexico, China and other foreign countries at a freight cost of about $100 per ton.

  • Tour group wants to find and thank local ‘hero’

    On Friday, June 7, our St. Louis-based non-profit organization was on the first day of a three-day visit to Indiana to do some railroad sightseeing and train riding. Our group of 22 members was traveling aboard our club’s 1958 Trailways bus.

  • Thanks for help with golf outing
  • Mission thanks supporters

    At The Cross Mission would like to extend a great big thank you to the community for their support during our street fundraiser.  We were in hopes of collecting $5,000 for our summer feed the children program, however we did collect $2,561.06 on May 18.
    Thank You
    Myers Hyman
    Mount Vernon

  • Thanks for Youth Baseball donations
  • Tell the truth about Benghazi

    I don't know about the rest of the American people, but I think it is high time that the Obama Administration tell the truth about the Benghazi incident. We the people have a right and a duty to know what really transpired on 9-11-2012.