• After Prom a Success

    The 2013 Mount Vernon Senior High School After Prom was a tremendous success thanks to the generosity of the Mt. Vernon community.  We had approximately 185 kids attend this year.   We would like to thank the following businesses, organizations, and individuals for their generous donations:

  • Thanks to United Way volunteers
  • Fines for spills do not work on huge oil companies

    The June 1, 2010, Oil Price Daily News Update, reported, “Canadian pipeline company Enbridge is in the hot seat for an oil spill from a ruptured line in southern Michigan.”   Recently, it was reported that crews still are working to clean up that pipeline spill of about 20,000 barrels of tar sands oil into the Kalamazoo River.  

  • Homeless shelter says ‘thank you’ to the community

    The Homeless Shelter of Mt. Vernon Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you, the community, for the support you have provided during 2012.  Financial donations, supplies, bedding, furniture, volunteering of your time and your prayers have been received graciously with much appreciation.  With the financial help from the United Way of Posey County, Vectren Foundation, Posey County Community Foundation, Alles Foundation and several individual and community churches, the Board was able to maintain the monthly expenses and repairs.  

  • St. Matthew School thanks auction donors and participants

     The St. Matthew School would like to THANK all who made our 13th Annual Benefit Auction the best ever. Thanks to all donors, bidders, catalog advertisers and especially the auction sponsors for your support.
    Your help has allowed us to continue our 150 years of quality Christian education.
    St. Matthew School Auction Committee

  • Have civic pride and don’t litter

    x#!=@?*! Please pardon me for using this type of expression but I’m angry after returning home from a walk to a local hardware store.
    Not feeling that litter should accumulate, I picked up plenty of the stuff both going and returning, as I crossed the southwest corner of the library’s property, Fifth Street, the alley and the vacant lot next to it, and the city’s public parking lot north of the hardware store.

  • Thanks for making Relay 5K a success
  • Treasurer should have had chance to continue in office

    I turn on the TV and all I hear is the conflict and back stabbing from our politicians in Washington. I think, "Thank God, I live in a rural county, in a small community where people care about one another. All our political office holders sincerely care about the taxpayers of Posey County." Wrong!

  • Reader's Letters: Treasurer should have been given more time to secure bond

    I thought it was not possible for politics in Posey County to sink any lower than it was. I was wrong.
    The events of the past week and the resignation of Chris Harp as County Treasurer have been adequate evidence that there is nothing that those involved in the political scene in Posey County will not try.

  • Reader disagrees with letter on drug testing for assistance

    While Mrs. Alspaugh may be accurate in her statement that we are not God and should not judge our fellow man, we are also called to obey the laws of our society and one of those laws is that the use of illegal drugs is, in fact, illegal, as is the use of prescription drugs without a doctor’s consent, a matter that seems to be either excused or forgotten by some recently.