• Help make strides against breast cancer

    Each October, communities, airwaves, newspapers and businesses are thinking pink to raise awareness about breast cancer. It used to mean little to me until that life-changing day when my doctor said the words, “You have breast cancer.”
    I didn’t understand how this could have happened to me. I was now facing a disease that I had only heard about, but never dreamed it would affect me. My world was turned upside down, and I felt alone until I contacted the American Cancer Society.

  • Association maintaining priorities in high school athletics

    Recently a newspaper article has been written about a change in the by-laws of the Indiana High School Athletic Association which speaks directly to attempted undue influence exerted upon students below the level of grade nine and their parents. While I appreciate the attention this initial coverage has brought to this topic, its flavor is tainted with inaccuracies that need to be addressed.

  • Re-think township drug testing policy

  • Thanks for memorial gifts

    Bill and Lynn Stendeback of Stendeback Family Funeral Home would like to thank the following participants in their “Gift of Memory” tradition:
    Bill and Lynn Stendeback  in memory of Tony Little; Phyllis Wasson in memory of Walter (Gene) Wasson; Derrick and Dawn Ousley family in memory of James Close, Shirley Deatrick and Brady Jones; Amy Girot in memory of Mary and Lancewell McCarty and Radford Johnson; Robert and Sandee Redman family in memory of Myron Woods; and Lee Ann Hart in memory of Harold Hart and Christopher Zink.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters thanks awesome students

    Big Brothers Big Sisters in Posey County is grateful for awesome students in our community. The school-based mentoring program at North Posey enrolled 39 junior high students and they are being mentored by high school students on a weekly basis. Big Brothers Big Sisters is so proud of and grateful for the commitment made by our high school mentors and the program coordinator Susie Tooley.

  • Thanks to churches for election signs

    Now that the election is over and everyone has said thank you to the voters for their votes, there is one group of people no one gave a big thank-you to. I would like to say thank you to the churches that put up the signs that said pray before you vote. People need to thank these people. Thank you so much.
    God Bless America
    Peggy Turner
    Mount Vernon

  • GMO discussion continues

    GMO discussion continues
    (This letter is part of an ongoing discussion about GMOs)

    Dear Ms. Rains,

  • Thanks for help fundraising for cancer

    Thanks for help fundraising for cancer
    Since the 1940's, Cancer Research has been the State Major Project for Indiana Elks.  Last year, Indiana Elks gave $125,000 respectively to both Indiana University and Purdue University.  Over the life of this program, Indiana Elks have given $8.1 Million total to the schools for cancer research and clinical trials. We would like to take this time to thank everyone that helped our fundraiser by buying our Pork and Fish Dinners. Your contributions greatly helped us with our donations for cancer research.

  • Congratulations to Election winners

    On behalf of the Posey County Democrat Party I would like to congratulate Chris Harp, Carl Schmitz, and Jerry Walden on their election to serve Posey County.
    We would like to also congratulate Bob Gentil, Ralph Weinzapfel, Martin Redman, and Paul Breeze on their re-election.
    Congrats go out to Beth McFadin Higgins and Clarence Nelson on their election to the Mount Vernon School Board.
    Good Luck to all in serving the people of Posey County.

    Ed Adams
    Posey Co. Democrat Chairman
    Mount Vernon

  • Thanks to United Way volunteers

    I am writing today to say thank you to all the people in our community who are volunteers for the United Way campaign this year.  These individuals are giving their time and efforts to help our United Way in Posey County reach its goal of $690,000 so that the agencies and programs can continue to be available for all the people of Posey County.