• Columnist responds to GMO comments

    Dear Michael and Mr. Simutis,
    It was great to receive your comments.  I, also, read all theinformation about Norman Borlaug before responding to Michael's letter. However, I do believe that Dr. William Davis, a practicing cardiologist, gave much more information concerning health than diet in his book, Wheat Belly.
    Your comments are discerning about GMO's. It is a debate which must be answered individually.  Again, GMO labeling on products and produce should be required so that the consumer can make their own choices.

  • Discussions about GMOs continue

    The letters below are an ongoing discussion about a Prayers for Our Planet column written by Ann Rains for the Mount Vernon Democrat.

    Dear Ms. Rains,
    Thank you for responding to Michael's letter.  We agree we don't really know if the wheat varieties we're eating contain GMOs or not.  In fact, that was the point of Michael's initial question - we can't look out at a field and know for sure what is and what isn't GMO (at least, those of us not intimately familiar with agriculture cannot).

  • More on the development of semi-dwarf wheat

    Editor's note: The letter below is part of an ongoing conversation concerning genetically-modified organisms that resulted from our regular Prayers for Our Planet column.
    Dear Michael,
    Thank you for reading and responding to the column about genetically modified organisms. You definitely made a credible explanation about semi-dwarf wheat.

  • Thanks for help with orchestra

    Thank you to all the individuals, companies and organizations that have assisted us in the recent concerts and presentations performed by the Wolfgang Orchestra, Chorus, Dixielanders, Woodwind Octet and Big Jazz Band.  Your donations of supplies, lighting equipment, seating and all forms of labor are greatly appreciated by our groups.
    A big thanks to the following:  Bud’s Hardware, Sabic, Mt. Vernon Elks, and individuals; Jim Kilgore, Craig Edling, Joe Reich, Gary Trammel, Robert Berridge and Ermil Robison.  

    Dennis Noon

  • Thanks for help with career days

    A big thank you to the following individuals and organizations who participated in the Mount Vernon High School Career Days this year:

  • Letter: Be responsible, dispose of your litter

    Not too many skills or long-lasting pearl of knowledge I remember from the two years I spent in the Marine Corps during the early 1950s. One thing I easily recall is that you shouldn't litter and make your living space look messy/unkempt.
    Even cigarette butts on  USMC bases had to be "field stripped" by tearing the remaining paper on a butt to allow the shredded tobacco to hit the ground and scatter. The tiny piece of paper was wadded into a little ball and placed in one's pocket for later disposal.

  • Letter: No better leader to guide Indiana from good to great

    In today’s political discourse, where talking heads abound and relentlessly engage in self-promotion disguised as analysis, it is easy to forget that our free American elections remain a model for the rest of the world. Indeed, it is easy to forget that elections matter. For Indiana in 2012, after eight years of Gov. Daniels’ leadership, this election marks the beginning of a transition that will define what kind of state we want to be in the decades ahead. I can think of no better leader to guide us than Mike Pence, the Republican nominee for Governor.

  • Former trustee wants to clear reputation

    Last week, in the Oct. 9 issue of the Posey County News , in Legals (the court record section), an error was made that I want to correct:
    The record stated: Black Township trustee Albert Gibbs was being sued by the Indiana Department of Revenue for unpaid taxes.

  • Crooks will work across political aisles

    On election-day, voters of the Indiana 8th Congressional District have the opportunity to make our next Congress more effective.  Eighth District voters should vote for Dave Crooks for Congress.
    Larry Bucshon, our current Congressman has rendered himself ineffective through personal commitments to his inflexible ideology and a signed pledge to Republican activist Grover Norquist to constrain his votes on taxes and spending in the House of Representatives.  

  • Thanks for the playground equipment