Today's Opinions

  • Your time has come

    “The American Creed”

    I believe in the United States of America

    As a government

    Of the people,

    By the people,

    For the people,

    Whose just powers are derived

    From the consent of the governed;

    A democracy in a republic;

    A sovereign Nation of many sovereign states;

    A perfect Union;

    One and inseparable;

    Established upon those principles

    Of freedom, equality, justice and humanity

    For which American patriots

  • A house divided

    Most of us know of and many can even recite President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address delivered during the Civil War on November 19, 1863. And most of us know of and probably sometimes paraphrase his House Divided speech delivered when he was a candidate for United States Senator in Illinois (June 16, 1858). Lincoln lost to Stephan Douglas whom Lincoln later beat for the presidency in 1860.

  • We need more sports coverage

    Dear editor,

    I’m writing in regards to your Halloween issue. The Knights’ front porch was admittedly nice to look at but left a number of your readers disappointed. How could a story so big lose out to a picturesque holiday scene and a large, orange HAPPY HALLOWEEN greeting? I know I’m crossing my sports, but that’s a strike.

    Mt. Vernon sports fans don’t throw in the towel so easy. Perhaps the story so many were anticipating would lead the Sports section. Still no. A swing and a miss. Strike two.

  • Hovey Lake office should remain at old location

    To all Posey County residents and anyone else who may utilize Hovey Lake,

    You are no doubt aware of DNR’s plan to relocate its office to a seven-acre site that is on Highway 69 about seven miles from the lake itself. Everyone involved knows that the Ohio River floods. Those of us who are concerned about this new location believe that, with proper planning and construction, an office could be located back at the lake proper where it belongs.

  • Library grounds have become dumping ground

    To the editor,

    Here I am again with my moans and groans about something needing improvement, at least in my mind.

    It’s the old complaint of “why is the public property of our library such a dumping ground for trash?”

    The exterior, including the playground and parking lot, seem to draw a class of non-academians who are not interested in using the interior of the place of knowledge but use/loiter in front of the building or other areas mostly on the west side of the building.

  • Lets fix the Affordable Care Act

    Dear editor,

    I am proud to be the President and owner of TPG Marine and even more proud that we offer employer-sponsored health care to our over 165 employees. Working for a tug boat company is dangerous work, and accidents do happen. When they do, our employees have access to the health care that they need.

  • River Days committee thanks community

    To the editor,

  • History reported not repeated

    I would like to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, you know, when you could turn on the television and not hear overpaid jerks shouting at one another, “You are lying!” Unfortunately, unless I watch re-runs of “I Love Lucy”, invective is the only fare available. As Anne Murray sings, ”We sure could use a little good news today”. Well, here is some.

    My friends Glenn Curtis, Ray Kessler, Jerry King and Harold Morgan, Gentle Reader you might note a particular demographic here, all write a lot of good news.