OYSTERING Dating 2022

Finding love on dating apps can be a whirlwind, and “oystering” is the most recent dating craze.

The newest dating fad is to make the world your oyster, even if you’re fresh off a breakup.

“To get over someone, you have to get under someone else,” you’ve probably heard. Following COVID-19, freshly single daters are endorsing this lifestyle. It suggests people are shining, dating for fun, and eager to take advantage of the world’s wealth. Breakups can bring on a slew of heavy, depleting emotions, and that is understandable. Healing is essential and something you deserve, but you don’t have to focus solely on the negative.

What Exactly Is Oystering?

It’s all about living your best life and accepting the fact that you’re single, especially if you’ve recently ended a relationship and are eager to jump back into the dating pool.

Singles are feeling more in charge of their love life, whether they’re going on a lot of dates or none at all.

According to Badoo, 46 percent of its users are excited to start dating again in 2022, with 50 percent wanting to make a good first impression.

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 Oystering Dating Trend Honors Being Single And Ready To Mingle

With the start of a new year comes a slew of new dating trends. Many people appear to be in a hurry to get married after a lonely two years, with trends like Power PDA and fast-forwarding emerging. But it’s not just couples who are having a good time in 2022; according to Badoo, it’s all about ‘Oystering’ and accepting one’s single status.

It’s refreshing to see some empowering dating trends appearing for all the singletons out there, especially post-pandemic which resulted in a lot of breakups, and some serious dry spells. You could practically hear all the breakup songs playing from miles around.

Dating Trends

A new year means a new set of dating trends is on the horizon.

And it seems like everyone is keen to coin a dating trend in 2022. In recent year’s we’ve seen “hard balling”, “pedestaling”, “chumming” and “bread crumbing” added to the roster, the latter being the act of sending out flirtatious signals to make someone think you’re interested in them.

Don’t put pressure on yourself

Don’t worry about setting boundaries to keep things casual from the get-go.

Natasha highlights a feature on Badoo that allows you to make your intentions clear from the start, adding that this kind of ‘clarity is really key, so everyone feels comfortable at all stages.’

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