Pixar 2022 Movie Turning Red Review – Beware the Red-Furred Monster

In the year 2002, Meilin “Mei” Lee was a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl living in Toronto. Mei tries to please her strict, overprotective mother, Ming, by assisting in the upkeep of the Lee family’s shrine dedicated to their ancestor, Sun Yee. She tries to keep her personal interests hidden from Ming, such as her male crushes and the fact that she and her best friends Miriam, Priya, and Abby are 4*Town fans.

Mei wakes up one night after having a nightmare to find herself changed into a massive red panda. After hiding from her parents, Mei finds that she only changes when she is in a state of extreme emotion; her parents believe her sorrow is caused by her first menstruation. Ming learns the truth later when she accidentally embarrasses Mei at school, causing her to shift again again.

Sun Yee was given the ability to transform into a red panda in order to fight fights, and every female member of the family has inherited the ability when they reach the age of consent, according to Mei’s father, Ming, and Jin. The red panda spirit must be imprisoned in a talisman during a month-long rite on the night of the Red Moon because this has become cumbersome and dangerous. Mei’s friends discover her metamorphosis by accident but love it, and she learns that focusing on them prevents her from transforming. Despite Ming’s constant surveillance of Mei, she persuades her parents to allow her live a regular life.

Ming forbids Mei from attending a 4*Town concert in Toronto as part of their musical tour. Mei and her friends began gathering money for the tickets in secret, cloaking themselves in the red panda costume. Tyler, a former bully, asks Mei to perform for him on his birthday. At the gathering, Mei discovers that the concert would be held the night of the ritual. She grows upset and attacks Tyler, terrifying the other kids. Ming discovers Mei’s recent behaviour and chastises her friends for supposedly corrupting and using her. Mei is too humiliated and afraid to face Ming, so she fails to defend her friends.

Mei’s grandmother Wu and aunts arrive to assist her with the ceremony, but Mei decides to keep her powers just before the red panda form is about to be sealed. She foregoes the ceremony in order to attend the SkyDome concert with her friends, who forgive Mei for her behaviour at the party and discover Tyler is a 4*Town fan. However, Mei accidentally smashes her mother’s talisman while fleeing the temple; an enraged Ming transforms into a giant red panda and disrupts the concert, intending to kidnap Mei by force. As the audience disperses, Mei and Ming argue about Mei’s independence, and Mei accidently knocks her mother unconscious.

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The rest of the Lee family shows up to lend a helping hand. All of the women break their talismans in order to help Ming join a new ritual circle with their red panda forms. With the singing of Mei’s friends and 4*Town, the new ritual transfers Mei, Ming, and the other females to the astral world. Mei forgives Ming and helps her mend her connection with Wu, which had fueled Ming’s perfectionism. The other Lee sisters hide their red pandas in new talismans, but Mei keeps hers because she is finally figuring out who she is.

Mei and Ming’s relationship has improved over time, and Mei now balances her temple responsibilities with spending time with friends, including Tyler. Ming, on the other hand, must seek funds to recompense the city for the SkyDome damage she caused.

Review and Rating for Turning Red:

On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, 95 percent of 180 critics gave it a positive grade, with an average rating of 8.00/10. “Turning Red extends Pixar’s long run of family-friendly triumphs by being joyful, humorous, brilliantly animated, and culturally expansive,” according to the website’s consensus. The film received an 83 out of 100 on Metacritic, which is based on a weighted average, indicating “universal acclaim.” After witnessing the film for the first time, critics praised the plot, voice cast, and Shi’s directing.

What does Turning Red teach us?

As a result, Turning Red is a story of shame, suppression, and social anxiety, which I, like many Asian Americans, am all too familiar with. I found myself wincing throughout the film as I recognised Mei’s uneasiness and guilt as she is torn between her family and friends.

Is Turning Red a film about menstruation?

Prepare to feel a wide range of emotions. Pixar’s newest animated feature, “Turning Red,” delves into a period of our life that most of us would rather forget: adolescence. As well as all the panda-monium that comes with it. Prior to its March 11 premiere on Disney+, the film began to generate buzz.

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