Premonitory dreams: reality or mere coincidence?


On the so-called “premonitory dreams”, the opinions have always been twofold: for some it is possible to see the future through a dream, while for all the others the dream is always far from reality.

It must however be said that history is full of testimonies of premonitory dreams, the cases of Abraham Lincoln and Edgar Cayce for example, are very famous.

“Premonitory dreams meaning “

Premonitory dreams are those which can, apparently, reveal the future thanks to a sixth sense, a way of access information from the future without having previously acquired it through conventional means.

Premonitory dreams are mental experiences, images that are formed in our minds and translated into reality in the world physical. Some even speak of a real journey into our unconscious where information is supposed to be stored that we are not able to perceive at a conscious level.

“Premonitory dreams explained”

Some experts on this phenomenon say that we all potentially have the ability to foresee the future through dreams, but most of us are either unable to remember the dream or tend to eliminate it.

People, in general, are so focused on their personal dramas that the only premonitions they are able to process are about themselves, while others are preoccupied with situations that have consequences for society in general, so that their dreams prophesy world events.

“Premonitory dreams scientific explanation”

We all dream, but as some dreams come true and others remain only in the imagination, there has several ways to explain it.

Streams of thought

There are mainly two streams of thought, or rather two explanations possible: the first explanation is related to parapsychology and the other to science.

For many parapsychologists, dreaming means reaching the astral plane, which should help us understand what will happen in the future. The problem is that the symbols that appear to us during this “journey” are not always easy to interpret and most of us are not able to extrapolate their meaning.

Sometimes , however, the premonition is a little clearer, a kind of film that reproduces future events with great precision; in this case, however, some people are not able to ‘hold’ the dream in their conscious mind once they wake up, others are the ones who really predict the future.

Science fundamentally rejects parapsychology

Science fundamentally rejects parapsychology very clearly and always tries to find a logical explanation, in this case it cannot reject the idea that some people have somehow predicted the future because there is no clear proof, but these prophecies are said to have an origin that can be rationally explained.

The first of the scientific theories relates to the information that we store in our unconscious during the day, life is a succession of events that have a consequence in our subconscious like the pieces of a puzzle that, when we sleep, come together and generate a future event hypothesis.

This info Formation, as we said, is not clearly perceived at the conscious level and only emerges during sleep when our mind is free to process it without being influenced by our consciousness.

Thanks to all these bits of information, we work out an event in our mind which in some cases actually happens, it is as if during the dream all these little clues in life, which make us think that a certain event can occur, manage to create the premonitory dream.

In short, when we dream, we become more sensitive to what is happening around us and we are able to work out a hypothesis of something which could happen.

The second scientific theory, which adds to the first, is that premonitory dreams are a simple matter of statistics; imagine that one of us dreams every night from to 91 years, this translates to 21900 dreams.

Now imagine that we dream of a tragedy that only happens on average once in a generation, like a volcanic eruption. The probability of this tragedy happening the day after their dream is apparently very low, but considering the number of people that exist in the world, the probability of it happening is much higher.

In short, the premonitory dream would only be a coincidence given by the law of large numbers. The explanation is not definitive and all options are open.

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