President Joe Biden To Be Interviewed Live In-Studio By Jimmy Kimmel On ABC

Talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! pulled off a major win by securing an exclusive in-studio interview with former Vice President Joe Biden. When Vice President Joe Biden appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he will be making his first appearance on television as president.

Kimmel’s Wednesday, June 8 show, which airs at 11:35 p.m. PT/10:35 p.m. CST, will feature Biden’s interview. In Los Angeles, the show will be taped at 5 p.m.

It’s his first time on camera, but this isn’t Biden’s first time talking to a late-night host. In December, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show as a virtual guest. In 2009, President Obama established the habit of sitting presidents appearing on late night television.

Today’s Game 2 Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night on ABC announced the news.

Vice President Joe Biden is known for his tendency to make “gaffes” when speaking on the spot, and he has a history of being rushed away by his staff to avoid making a mistake. Even though he’s an outspoken leftist, Kimmel isn’t likely to stir up any controversy.


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The Summit of the Americas, a political gathering of nations from North, South, and Central America, is taking place that day in Los Angeles, and the president will be there to discuss common interests and concerns.

From the famed El Capitan Entertainment Center on Hollywood Boulevard, Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs.

There are six exec producers: Kimmel, Erin Irwin, Molly McNearney; Jennifer Sharron; Erin Irwin; and David Craig. The show’s co-executive producer is Douglas DeLuca. 1205 AM Productions LLC, in conjunction with KIMMELOT and ABC Signature, produces Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

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