PS5 and Xbox Series X Users Will Now Be Able to Play Apex Legends in 4K

Future next-gen consoles will support Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title Apex Legends. The forthcoming update, which launches tomorrow, will include native 4K output for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

A fresh patch called “Warriors Collection” addresses a number of performance problems on Windows PCs. On PS5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles, 60 frames per second (fps) gaming is now available with HDR turned on.

Players may see distant enemies and objects in more detail thanks to the addition of native 4K output, higher resolution shadow maps, and better LOD (level of detail) distances for those on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The Series S will not be able to use these three improvements.

By just hitting the “Options” button on the Game Hub, Apex Legends users with the game installed on their PS5 will see a drop-down menu. By choosing “Select Version,” you can download the PS5 version and then get rid of the PS4 version to make room on your hard drive for the new one. All of your unlocks, saves, and progress will be transferable.

Xbox players don’t need to worry about such drawn-out procedures because Smart Delivery can instantaneously download the best version of the game.

Players can join up and fight for control of Olympus (Storm Point), Kings Canyon (Stormy Point), and other regions on the map in the limited-time 9v9 game called Control. You may learn more about it on the official website.

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Nine forthcoming characters and maps for Apex Legends were made known last week thanks to a significant data breach on Reddit. Newcastle is the name of this new character, who is a defense-based champion capable of dragging allies to the ground and protecting them from further damage until they have recovered completely. Although the powers of the remaining eight characters could be tried in the training area, they were not fully represented. The leak also contained information on a number of incomplete maps, including Divided Moon, which had a monorail.

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