PS6 Release Date, News, Price, Rumored Specs and Everything You Need to Know

PS6 Release date, price, specs

Sony released PlayStation 5 in 2020, however it is still not widely available. Regardless, people are guessing about when the PlayStation 6 will be released, what it will include, and how it will appear. Sony, on the other hand, is yet to make an official announcement.

We only know that Sony has submitted a trademark application for the name, that development is underway, and that the next PlayStation is undoubtedly in the works. Using previous cycles as a guide, we’ve calculated an estimate for its release date.

Technology is continually advancing, and the PS6 will be kept up to date at all times. We’ve also found out what features the forthcoming PS6 might have, as well as the specs and differences from the PS5.

Find out all we know about the PS6 release date, price, specs, and latest updates.

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PS6 Release Date – When Can We Expect the Next Gaming Machine from Sony

The PS5, the most recent version of this technology, was released in late 2020. By logic, you should expect a new version to take some time to debut.

In 1995, Sony released the Playstation 1. The PlayStation 2 was released five years later, in 2000. Following this, there was a massive redesign of the experience and technology. The third, with increased storage, was released in 2007 — seven years after the Playstation 2. The Playstation 4 was released six years later, in 2013, and the Playstation 5 was released seven years later, in 2020.

With the exception of the Playstation 3, which was released in March, the release dates are primarily in the second half of the year, running from September to November.

So, one thing is clear: the Playstation 6 will most likely be published by the end of the year, and given that the usual time between releases is 6 or 7 years, we can expect it to arrive in 2026 or 2027.

The time between development and release should also be considered. For example, the PS4 was first announced in 2008, but it was not released until five years later. The PS5 is in the same boat. It started in 2015 and ended in 2020. If development on the PS6 begins in 2021, it will most likely be released in 2026.

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PS6 Rumored Price

After assuming the expected PS6 release date let’s jump to the price of the console.

The price of the most recent consoles was between $400 and $500. There’s no way of knowing what kind of hardware, extra features, or upgrades the next-gen PlayStation will include that will affect its pricing.

For the time being, estimate it will cost up to $600.

PlayStation 6 expected features and specs

PS6 release date and price are assumed now let’s have a look at the expected features and specs.

There has been speculation that traditional game consoles would be phased out in favor of flash-drive-like devices that can be plugged into your TV, similar to Stadia. Both the hardware and software features of the PS6 are likely to undergo significant revisions.

It’s tough to predict what hardware the PS6 will use because it’s still a long way off. Only a faster, more responsive, more competent CPU, larger and more versatile storage, and a less bulky design can be predicted.

There are a few new features we expect Sony to include in the PlayStation 6. You may see them here, but don’t take them too seriously because a lot will have changed by the time PS6 arrives:

  • As far as gaming is concerned, extensive AR/VR integration appears to be the way to go. Motion controllers and virtual reality headsets could come included with the PS6.
  • Storage upgrades could include a plug-and-play style that allows you to simply access and expand the internal hard drive.
  • To charge your gadgets, there’s a wireless charging station on the top of the PlayStation 6.
  • A new and improved user interface with improved navigation options.
  • The smaller and less bulky design would be a significant departure from the PS5.
  • Sony’s PS6 might possibly be the company’s first foray into a digital-only system with quicker internet but no disc drive.

Information on pre-ordering

Pre-orders will begin shortly after Sony makes an official announcement about the console. When the time comes, we’ll let you know what to expect.

PS6 Release Date – Conclusion

Sony has not yet announced a PS6 release date. We can, however, forecast when it will be accessible based on previous releases. If it’s already in the works, it should be ready by the end of 2026, in my opinion. I also anticipate that it will have big specs changes or upgrades that you will enjoy this time around. So, till then, remain put and enjoy PS5.

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