Raising Dion Season 2 – Netflix Confirmed Release Date

One of Netflix’s many binge-worthy science-fiction shows is Raising Dion. The series follows single mother Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) and her son Dion (Ja’Siah Young) as they cope with the death of Dion’s father, Mark, based on Dennis Liu’s comic book and a short film of the same name (Michael B. Jordan). When Dion begins to exhibit magical abilities, such as the Matilda-like capacity to float his cereal or the ability to teleport out of dangerous situations, an already complicated situation becomes unsolvable. Nicole, like any good “odd talents appear out of nowhere” story (see: NBC’s Heroes or even Netflix’s Stranger Things), must protect Dion from potentially perilous situations, such as unknown opponents or agencies looking to test his abilities.

The first season of Raising Dion debuted on Netflix in October 2019, and it left us with a few cliffhangers that begged for a second season. Here’s what we know about the show’s future.

When will the second season of Raising Dion premiere?

Raising Dion will return to Netflix on February 1, 2022, for a wonderful winter. Season 1 premiered in the fall of 2019, thus fans of the show have had to wait a long time for new episodes. Despite the fact that the show was revived in January 2020, the outbreak created delays in production.

Will there be a third season of Raising Dion?

While it hasn’t been announced whether there will be additional seasons of Raising Dion, there is enough material to build on – especially if the end credits are anything to go by, as they set up plenty of superhero mystery for a third season.

Netflix usually announces new shows after watching the data and reactions that have been analyzed. Season 2 was brimming with more crooked energy, mind control, more powerful people, a training space, poisoned flowers, evil monsters, and romance aplenty, and we can only speculate that it will all go in the right direction at this point.

What would be the narrative if Raising Dion made a comeback?

The fusion of the crooked energy, Pat, evil David, and the formation of an army of powerful criminals could be the focus of the third season. The ominous Season 2 post-credits scene, which suggested a future clash between Pat and Dion, is a hint of this. As a result, we should expect any future seasons to create the groundwork for this terrifying encounter.

Nicole’s work on energy at the Biona research facility, which was left unfinished in Season 2, could be explored further in the third season. Given that Biona has a training facility for powered people, Dion might also have his own army.

Finally, Season 3 of Raising Dion will most likely focus on Dion’s transition from pre-teen to adolescent life, as well as Nicole’s struggle to raise her superhero son.

Who could be cast in the third season of Raising Dion?

Apart from the main character Dion, the Season 2 end credits reveal that Pat will appear in a future season – possibly alongside David Marsh, who assists him in building his army. Nicole will almost certainly appear in Season 3. Despite her near-death experience with the infection brought on by the strange flowers in the sinkhole, she lived to tell another story.

As Season 2 came to a close, Dion, Esperanza (Sammi Haney), and Jonathan (Gavin Munn) were still on good terms, so we can expect the trio to return if Season 3 is greenlit.

Tevin is likely to continue as Dion’s formidable superhero trainer. Head of Biona, Suzanne Wu (Ali Ahn), Aunty Kat (Jazmyn Simon), and Janelle are among the cast members who could return. However, because nothing has been confirmed, fans will have to wait for additional details.

Season 2 of Raising Dion: What to Expect

Aside from the cliffhanger ending that reveals who Dion’s enemy will be in Season 2, our young superhero still has to figure out how to bring his father home for good.

The young man still has a lot to learn about his abilities, and if he wants to become a superhero, he’ll have to overcome a lot of obstacles. It’ll be interesting to watch both the character and the actor grow into a young man if the story of Raising Dion can last at least four seasons.

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Other major uncertainties include whether Nicole will be able to find love, with some rays of hope appearing in the last episodeCharlotte, Pat, and Mark is all missing, but depending on what happens next, they may appear in some form. Finally, as DigitalSpy speculates, we may meet other gifted children in the future.

Is there a trailer for Raising Dion Season 2?

Yes! Netflix released a trailer just a few weeks before the show’s premiere, and it appears that the show is ramping up the intensity from Season 1. The Crooked Man denies Dion’s takedown and asks another boy, Griffin Robert Faulkner’s Brayden, to “destroy him” in the clip. Although Brayden appears to be creeping Dion out this season, it also appears that now that he’s been looped into whatever sinister plan is in the works, Dion is getting a better grasp on his talents than ever before in preparation to take him on. Fans will be ecstatic to learn that there will be a glimpse of some gravity-defying stunts and his ability to manipulate the environment, as well as a glimpse of his new trainer (Rome Flynn) at work.

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