Rick And Morty’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap, Reviews and More Updates!

Rick And Morty’ Season 6 Episode 3

In honour of Thanksgiving, the Smith-Sanchez clan is gathering together. After last week’s “Die Hard” parody took place in Blips and Chitz, “Rick and Morty” Season 6, Episode 3 focuses on love and family. It’s about showing your love for your family in ways that will make your kids and your scientist dad cringe. Allow me to reframe the situation.

Beginning with Morty (Justin Roiland) playing on his new alien video game console, Rick (Justin Roiland) arrives as a turkey (perhaps a carryover effect from the previous season’s “Thanksploitation Spectacular”) and asks where he got it. Morty reveals that Space Beth, a possible clone of Beth (both Sarah Chalke), is in town for Thanksgiving and presented it to him as a gift. Even if Rick wants to play, the Thanksgiving meal must come first.

Space The reappearance of Beth disrupts the settled family dynamic, making for the least science fiction-y and most hilariously awkward episode of the season. Okay, let’s dissect this thing now.

The only person who can truly love you are (your alternate) selves

Rick And Morty’ Season 6 Episode 3

Jerry (Chris Parnell) proposes a toast as the family gathers around the table for Thanksgiving meal. It’s off to a nice start as Jerry expresses his appreciation to Beth. As soon as Jerry declares that he will kill himself if Beth ever leaves him or cheats on him, however, things start to go sideways. Show the opening credits.

After reconciling in the season premiere, the two Beths are quite friendly toward one another throughout the meal. To put it plainly, there are feelings floating around. Space After cracking her back, Beth later massages her. They keep touching one other and can’t seem to stop. They lean in for a kiss, but something makes them pull back. And Summer (Spencer Grammer) has caught on to them. She retreats to the couch, where she plays video games to avoid thinking about what’s happening.

The two Beths eventually sneak off to the ice cream shop on the planet Gloppydrop. In reality, though, they only wind up licking each other. Without any ice cream and with tongues firmly planted in each other’s cheeks, the duo heads back to their apartment. Because of their intense focus on one another, they fail to see Morty standing by the car. Morty, like his sister, hides away in front of the television because he can’t bear to think about his mother having an affair with his father. Morty adds, “You usually see things before I do.” But in the end, you do notice,” Summer says. They concur that shielding Jerry from the truth is crucial.

Most notably, although marketing themselves as realistic, Morty’s video games are actually quite dull. There’s a touching analogy to be drawn with the Beths, whose doubts about the world around them brought them here.

The Works of San Junipero

Beth enters Rick’s garage when he is in the middle of dismantling a cybernetic space whale to salvage parts for another video game controller. Aware of her and Space’s plans, he lets her know of his discovery.

the work Beth is doing and admits that he has had sexual relations with alternate identities. However, he does leave her with a warning: “Lies build like credit card debt.” Keeping your options open will give you an edge. Beth retorts, “monetary transaction, fun and done” when asked about her relationship with Space Beth.

After engaging in further rooftop antics with Space Beth, Beth begins to have second thoughts about their extramarital romance. Were we in love with ourselves, she enquires. What, if anything, does that make us, the ladies of the universe? They go to Rick’s Holodeck to run a simulation in which they play out a life together, and she soon admits that she doesn’t need to label things, but she does want to know what their relationship’s “shelf life” is.

In the meantime, Jerry has finished a jigsaw puzzle and goes looking for the two Beths, but Summer and Morty quickly convince him to play a video game instead. Morty picks a game at random, and it so happens that it’s about trying to keep an affair a secret. Rick, Summer, and Morty sneak onto the Holodeck while Jerry is elsewhere and stumble upon the Beths’ final moments.

As in, “Did you go full San Junipero in here?” Rick exclaims, referencing the famous “Black Mirror” episode in which a couple spends eternity together in a virtual reality. I can’t believe it, Beth. Masturbation can be categorised as “normal” and “extreme.” Rick tells the Beths they need to tell Jerry about their affair, but Space Beth takes the offensive.

Roly-poly Jerry

Rick And Morty’ Season 6 Episode 3

Tensions boil up as they eat ice cream (stolen from Rick’s garage) and talk about everything but the elephant in the room, which Space Beth finally brings up. “In other words, Jerry, I slept with your wife. It’s either that or I had sex with your clone wife. Feel free to choose.” On hearing this, Jerry is taken back to their high school days, before they were dating, when a buddy warned him that Beth was going to be “too much woman” for him. The friend warns, “Sooner or later, she’d break you apart.” Present-day Jerry gets up and… rolls into a huge roly-poly.

After getting drunk with Jerry, Rick says he programmed in the capacity to encase himself in a protective shell. Jerry is now completely ensconced within his sclerotic exterior. Space Beth wants to pry him out, but Rick says it’s impossible, even for him, and that if she touches a nerve, he’ll transform into Shrek. He’s in charge in his own depressing manner.

The Beths try one more time to fix things by having Rick wipe away any love feelings they might have for each other. Rick tries to dissuade them, but is about to follow through when Jerry breaks his silence, saying sorry for making suicidal threats and heading upstairs to gather his belongings.


Beth and Space Beth head upstairs to talk to Jerry, who is still irate. Space As Beth points out, “You are not upset that it pertained to you. You feel displeased that it wasn’t.” She then looks at Beth and says, “He wanted to permit our love.” As Jerry points out, though, “it’s hardly ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ to loop in your husband.” (This episode of “Rick and Morty” features an abundance of pop culture references.)

Even More Info for Rick

Space “Please, Jerry, if it’s at all possible, let me make out with myself.” It’s a funny one that Beth tells. As for Jerry’s reply, he assures her, “You most definitely can. When things are done legally, homewreckers are not very appealing. Next, the action takes a turn for the sexual as the Beths degrade Jerry and he allows it to continue. ‘I’m afraid of the heat,’ Beth admits.

They are all quite uneasy because Morty, Summer, and Rick can hear everything that is going on in the dining room. Both Summer and Morty break down in tears, and Rick tries to divert their attention by asking what they have to be grateful for.

Space Beth leaves the following morning, and Jerry says they’ve all learned their lesson. After agreeing, Rick proceeds into the kitchen, where he locks up the alien wine the Beths imbibed at the beginning of the episode in a hidden safe and flushes away the remote control.

Does this suggest that the wine led to the development of romantic feelings between them? Was Jerry’s involvement an accident, or was Rick’s plan all along this? It’s possible that we’ll never know for sure, but Rick seems downtrodden.

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