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Roku Channel Adds Paramount+ To Subscription Offerings

Later this month, Roku will introduce Paramount+ as a premium subscription within the Roku Channel. This will be the first time Roku has offered a dedicated TV guide for all Paramount+ live content. Additionally, it will be the first time that premium subscriptions would include access to live sports.

The Paramount+ monthly offers are available as ad-supported ($4.99) or ad-free ($9.99) subscriptions. Customers will be able to view their local live CBS station as well as Paramount+ live content from the NFL on CBS, UEFA, CBS News, and Entertainment Tonight through the guide.

With the recent addition of Discovery+’s ad-supported and ad-free editions to the lineup, The Roku Channel now offers premium subscriptions from over 50 services. As customers seek out more convenient access to the content they’re used to from legacy pay TV, it’s becoming a hub for originals, with around 80,000 film and TV titles available on demand as well as 300+ live, linear channels.

According to Rob Holmes, vice president of programming, “We’re excited to work with Paramount+ in its continuous expansion and for the chance to provide our audience with simple access to its tremendous array of content, IP, and live news and sporting events.”

Local news stations will debut on the Roku Channel in major U.S. areas thanks to an arrangement with NBCUniversal that was reached in June. A brand-new website called Espacio Latino offers tens of thousands of hours of Spanish-language content.


The growth of sports and news on TV streaming, according to the company’s shareholder letter in its most recent earnings report, is eroding “the remaining stronghold of legacy pay TV in the U.S.” For the three months that concluded in June, according to Roku, its operating system was still the most popular smart TV OS. even if advertising concerns and supply chain disruptions distorted revenue projections and hurt the stock.

“Our current economic climate is characterised by concerns about a coming recession, inflationary pressures, rising interest rates, and persistent supply chain problems. We anticipate that advertising expenditures, particularly in the scatter market, will be negatively impacted for the second half of the year. Additionally, we think that consumer discretionary spending will continue to decline, which will put pressure on sales of Roku TVs and players, the business added.

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