Roman Atwood Net Worth 2022: Is He A Billionaire Man?

Roman Bernard Atwood (born May 28, 1983) is a YouTube sensation and prankster from the United States. He is well-known for his vlogs, in which he posts updates about his life. His vlogging channel, “RomanAtwoodVlogs,” has a total of 5 billion views and 15 million subscribers.

He has a second YouTube channel called “RomanAtwood,” where he used to post prank videos. The channel has been inactive since 2016. His videos have been viewed over 1.4 billion times and he has 10.4 million subscribers. He became the second YouTuber to receive two Diamond Play Buttons for his two channels, following Germán Garmendia.

Salary and Net Worth of Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is an American comedian, prankster, and vlogger with a net worth of $14.5 million. Roman Atwood was born in Millersport, Ohio, in May 1983. His YouTube account and public prank videos with hidden cameras have made him famous.

As of this writing, Roman Atwood’s YouTube channel has over 5 billion views. His YouTube channel has around 15 million subscribers. In 2013, he began filming videos for his vlog channel, which now has over 2.5 million subscribers and 465 million views. With the feature film Natural Born Pranksters, he will make his directorial debut.

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Atwood is the first YouTuber to vlog with a 360-degree camera that can be used on a variety of devices. He also appears in a reality prank show with Howie and Alex Mandel. Atwood released The Nerd Herd, a DVD series that was sold at the 2006 Warped Tour, in 2006.

Among his most famous pranks include the toilet paper prank, the plastic ball hoax, the anniversary prank, the killing my kid joke, the urine prank on cops, and the Ferrari pee prank. Smile More is his own clothing line, and he also runs an online store. Roman is one of the highest-paid YouTube stars. His various business ventures net him around $10 million every year.

Early Years

Atwood, the son of Roman Bernard Atwood, was born on May 28, 1983, in Millersport, Ohio. Atwood has been filming and producing videos since high school. He was born to Curt Dale Atwood and Susan Atwood.

He didn’t establish the YouTube channel “Sketch Empire” until 2010, when he wanted to devote himself totally to his love of comedy.


Atwood’s vlog videos have been viewed by over 465 million times, and the channel has over 2.5 million followers. He began producing them in 2013. Atwood was the first to employ a 360-degree camera that could be used on many devices.

His video “Anniversary Prank Backfires!” was seen by 86 million people on November 20, 2013.

Atwood performs a practical prank on Smith by admitting that he had cheated on her on their fifth anniversary of dating.

The prank backfires when she finds the camera, and he is duped into thinking she has also cheated on him. This specific video is one of his most popular.

The “Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!” video has gained over 50 million views since it was posted on November 30, 2014.

Atwood duped Smith into thinking their son Kane was dressed as a Spider-Man mannequin, as depicted in the video.

Smith removes the mask after her run to the mannequin and realises that it is the mannequin, not Kane, who is wearing it. According to the statistics, this is also one of his most popular videos.

In 2016, Atwood and Yousef Erakat embarked on a worldwide “Roman vs. Fousey” tour. They’ve performed in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Private Life

Atwood has always been interested in filmmaking and recording since she was a young adult growing up in Millersport, Ohio. Curt Dale Atwood and Susan Atwood gave birth to him. At the 2006 Warped Tour, he made his solo debut by releasing a set of DVDs titled “The Nerd Herd.” Atwood worked on various film and commercial ventures in Columbus, Ohio, before creating his humour channel “Sketch Empire” in 2010.

Prior to his YouTube career, he worked at a rope mill owned by his family named “Atwood Rope.” Atwood’s first wife, Shanna Riley, had previously been married to Atwood’s second wife when Noah Vaughn Atwood was born in 2001. (I was born on October 18, 2004) He divorced his wife in 2008, alleging that she had cheated on him while they were on vacation with a friend.


In 2013, he launched his own retail business, “Smile More,” which sells T-shirts, hoodies, and wristbands, among other things. His two children, Cora Atwood (born October 23, 2011) and Kane Alexander Atwood (born October 23, 2011), live in their hometown with his wife Brittney Smith-Atwood (born July 16, 2017).

Atwood first met Smith in 2008, at a wedding where Roman was the best man. Smith and Gilroy’s connection began when Veronica married Gilroy’s wife, Smith’s sister. On April 30th, 2018, Atwood proposed to Smith, and the two married on July 27th, 2018, on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Three Takeaways from Roman Atwood

Let’s look at some of the lessons we can draw from Roman Atwood now that you know everything there is to know about his net worth and how he reached success:

1. The Most Effective Beauty Technique

It’s a common misconception that you are what you wear. The greatest beauty secret is happiness.

2. The Art Of Being Content

The power of pulling happiness from everyday things is the art of being joyful.

3. Determine Your Objective

Set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes if you want to be happy.


Roman Atwood is an American comedian, prankster, and YouTuber best known for his hidden camera public prank videos and YouTube channel.

Roman Atwood’s net worth is $14.5 million as of 2022.

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