Ruby Barker of ‘Bridgerton’ Shares Mental Health Struggles and Hospitalization

Ruby Barker

Ruby Barker of “Bridgerton” is open about her mental health struggles with the aim of assisting others.

The British actress revealed to her Instagram fans on May 26 that she’s been in the hospital for mental health treatment and that she’s “been struggling since ‘Bridgerton.'”

She declared, “I am better.” “I’ve been ill for a long time, and I just want to be honest with everyone; I’ve been battling. So, I’m in the hospital right now, and I’m hoping to get discharged soon and get back to my life.”

On the Netflix series, Barker, who plays Marina Thompson, said she’ll “take a little bit of a vacation,” and she encouraged any fans who are struggling with mental health to seek help.

Ruby Barker

She told herself, “Stop being so hard on yourself.” “People used to tell me not to be so hard on myself, and I never really understood what that meant. What does it mean to stop being hard on yourself or to love yourself?…. You hear these buzzwords and catchphrases, and the world can be such a confusing place. And you’re trying to do you while having all these existential threats. You know, it’s mad out here…And sometimes, you just gotta take a break and say, ‘I can’t do this r

Actors and Actresses Who Speak Out Against Mental Illness

Barker emphasized the necessity of reframing the discourse about mental health, stating that while people want to talk about it, they don’t always have the know-how.

“I understand because I was one of these people,” she explained, “just rage-filled, furious, angry, you know, all this intergenerational trauma coiled up inside me, and I was carrying the world on my back.”

Barker revealed that she has received a diagnosis and that she will address it later. She is focusing on one day at a time for the time being.

“I’m giving up, forgiving myself, and drawing a line in the sand,” she explained. “I can’t go on like this; I need to change, and that’s what I’m attempting to do.”

Barker went on to praise Sexton, whose music “actually pulled me out of the pits,” Netflix, Shonda Rhimes, and Shondaland “for saving me…and giving me an opportunity,” and a slew of other people who helped her.

Barker says she’s excited about what’s coming near the end of the video.


“I want to survive, and I will, and I will, and you will as well,” she added. “That’s the thing about it; you’re in good hands if you’re with me.”

She wrapped up her message by performing a portion of Sexton’s “Waiting on a Better Day” and sharing a remark with her fans.

“Remember, you are absolutely enormous,” she added, “and I adore you.” “I appreciate you sticking around.”

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