‘Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne Lampoons Netflix, Is Impersonated By Maya Rudolph & Fred Armisen In ‘SNL’ Monologue

Natasha Lyonne, the co-creator and star of Russian Doll, presented her debut edition of Saturday Night Live tonight, discussing about her Netflix series—which is back for a second season after Covid delays—and other topics in her opening monologue.

“Would you look at this, please?” Saturday Night Time Dwell’s season finale will be webcast. That’s a big deal for a native New Yorker like me,” Lyonne said from the balcony. “I was given a Russian Doll as a present. The second season…just debuted on Netflix, and Russia and Netflix are two things you should be familiar with right now.

Lyonne went on to claim that she is “really humbled” to be presenting NBC’s sketch show on the internet, and that she actually has “a cosmic connection” to it. “The people listed below are the members of my real-life family. “I’ve been coming here since I was a teenager,” Lyonne observed. “I co-created Russian Doll with Amy Poehler, and I have some lovely present-day associates…”

SNL alums Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen took the stage at this point, asking Lyonne if she was busy before continuing their impressions of the host. (This involved the pair using a gruff voice and squinted eyes to speak expressions like “Ipso facto” and “Cock-a-roach.”)

Lyonne revealed that she dated Armisen and Rudolph for seven years after they left the stage. She joked, “We’re the only couple with an intercourse tape that no one needs to buy,” before returning to her love of Saturday Night Live.

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“SNL brings together all of my favourite things: New York City, current business, people who have been doing the same thing since the 1970s, and different labour unions fighting.” She commented, “I like it.” “I mean, I grew up in New York City and now work in the business.” Strange tale, but listen to this while I have you.”

Lyonne went on to say that she was born in New York—”doesn’t matter what year, most likely early ’80s”—and that she was “born in New York.” Her parents thought she would have a future in show business when she was young, so she started auditioning. “It appears that a number of casting directors are on the hunt for a Dee Dee Ramone-like Little Orphan Annie,” she deadpanned. “Here’s a clip from one of my early roles.”

We cut to a clip of Lyonne as Opal in a 1986 appearance on Pee-Playhouse, wee’s which she joked is her “best work” to date. “Anyway, I’m watching TV, and my mother and I are moving to the Higher East Aspect.” “I’m in the movies all of a sudden,” Lyonne explained. “Oh, I was in all of these ’90s movies: American Pie, American Pie 2, American Pie in the Multiverse of Insanity, and so on.” Oh, and “However I’m a Cheerleader,” a cult favourite.

“Things were going well until knock, knock,” Lyonne explained. Is anyone around? Several arrests, as well as a drug problem.”

Lyonne acknowledged that she was currently “going to hell and back” and that life was becoming increasingly difficult. “However, it’s kind of like when Fabio was on the rollercoaster and the chicken flew in his face… Is there a snapshot of that?” As a picture of a bloody-nosed Fabio appeared on the TV, she inquired.


“Yes, Yeah. I shook myself off, and I got back to work creating the experience, just as I had done before. “And now I’m here,” Lyonne added. “All right, so I’m mixing up events and skipping over a lot of time.” But I’ll keep you updated on what I find. There’s always hope in despair, and there’s always a reason to return to the ring and fight again.”

Musical guest Japanese Breakfast joins Lyonne for tonight’s show, which is SNL’s season finale. When the video becomes available, Deadline will replace this report.

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