Same-sex marriage just became legal in Switzerland. This couple were among first to benefit

Same-sex marriage just became legal in Switzerland. This couple were among first to benefit

When same-sex marriage became legal in Switzerland on Friday morning, this pair was among the first to exchange vows.

Laure and Aline, two Geneva residents, had been anticipating this day ever since they first connected 21 years ago.

According to Laure, we hurriedly sent out the invitations

On Fridays at 11 am, some people have problems making themselves available.

The wedding was presided over by Marie Barbey-Chappuis, the city’s mayor, who insisted on officiating in person at the ceremony, which was held in Geneva’s Palais Eynard.

She told the couple, “I now have the wonderful pleasure of pronouncing that you are legally married.

The invited guests cheered as the brides embraced.

It’s quite moving. Barbey-Chappius told the AFP news agency, “It’s a moment that is really strong and it sends a very strong message to society: that of being free to love and be loved.

She noted that both the emotion and the symbolism were extremely potent.

A new law will increase family and kid security.

In Geneva, the first canton or territory in the nation to give same-sex couples some of the privileges and protections of married couples, the two swiftly joined into a civil partnership after the meeting.

However, the municipal statute did not provide them with access to tax advantages or joint health insurance, which were all at the time governed by federal rules.

The legal status of registered partners, which is an improvement over civil partnerships and gives two persons of the same sex the same rights as married couples, was attained by Laure and Aline in 2014.

However, once they had a child through a medically assisted pregnancy, the two came to understand that there were actually some significant variances in the law.

Despite the fact that Laure gave birth to their now four-year-old son, Aline had to clear a number of hurdles and wait a long time to be acknowledged as the boy’s second parent.

Laure added, “I’m the biological mother, so Aline has no rights in relation to him.”

“Therefore, you must hold off until the child has been a part of your family for a full year. After that, the adoption procedure must be completed, which takes roughly two years.

She said, “And now, legally, we are the two acknowledged parents, his mothers.”

The new law ensures that same-sex couples can file for joint adoption of children, inherit a deceased partner’s pension, or have access to the citizenship procedure in the event one is not a Swiss citizen, putting them on a more equal footing with their heterosexual colleagues.


As for the family and the kids, “For us, there are a lot of things that provide us more security,” Laure remarked.

“The freedom to adopt is also crucial. It’s true that we won’t be adopting, so it doesn’t directly affect us, but it is something that future married couples should consider.

The same-sex marriage movement has its detractors.

One of the last nations in western Europe to permit same-sex unions is Switzerland.

In the next weeks, hundreds of couples across Switzerland will get married after registering their partnership.

26 same-sex couples are scheduled to get married in Zurich on July 1.

Some people may even have the opportunity to participate in a religious event after Friday. Both protestant and reforming churches were in favour of same-sex marriage; the former announced in 2019 that it would put up a rule that would permit specific pastors to choose whether to perform same-sex weddings at their own churches.

But the law had its detractors as well. In an effort to declare same-sex marriages against the law under the federal constitution, the country’s Christian Democrats advocated for a referendum in 2016 that would define marriage as “durable cohabitation between a man and a woman.”

The referendum, which required just a simple majority to pass, was defeated by the thinnest of margins, or just 54,979 votes, or 0.8 percent of the electorate.

Right-wing Federal Democratic Union invoked Swiss law’s clause permitting them to ask for another referendum if they gathered more than 50,000 signatures after a legislative initiative to recognize same-sex marriage was approved in the nation’s National Council in December 2020.

However, a referendum in 2021 found that all 26 cantons of the nation and 61.4% of people supported same-sex marriage becoming legal.


Aline and Laure did not initially plan to get married on July 1. However, they made the decision to get married sooner after receiving a request from the LGBTQ+ rights group Dialogai, who were looking for couples to get married on the day same-sex marriage became legal.

According to Laure, the group assisted them with the paperwork, saw to it that they registered for the wedding with the registration office, and the pair even visited Mayor Barbey-Chappuis.

However, Laure thinks a little more strain surrounding the event is normal despite the fact that they were not prepared for the ensuing media attention.

“It puts a little pressure on us because we’re not used to it at all. However, it doesn’t stop us from being content with our work and our visibility.

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