Why is Season 5 of Good Girls Not Happening?

Why is Season 5 of Good Girls Not Happening

Good Girls Season 5 Fans of the comedy-drama Good Girls will be disappointed to find that the most recent season, which recently debuted on Netflix, will be the last. Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman feature in the comedy-drama.

The fourth season finale of the show was reportedly a given conclusion, and the show would receive a final, condensed fifth season that would wrap up the narrative. But since this didn’t happen, it’s possible that viewers will never find out how the show’s plot was supposed to end.

The show’s last tributes were presided over by Whitman, who said she would “weep now” if it were cancelled. You can find out everything you need to know about Good Girls’ decision not to give the programme a second season right here.

Why was Good Girls not picked up for a fifth season?

Why is Season 5 of Good Girls Not Happening

The show’s refusal to be shopped elsewhere was maybe more significant to this announcement. Compare that to Manifest, a different NBC show that was cancelled (albeit it wasn’t produced by NBC), which was subsequently picked up by Netflix for a massive final season after being sold to other outlets.

Netflix may have stepped in to save the day if NBC had declined to pick up the show. After all, it had the streaming figures for every region and has previously hopped on the revival bandwagon for shows in comparable circumstances (Designated Survivor and Lucifer being two prominent instances).

It turns out that Netflix wouldn’t have a chance to bring Good Girls back because the decision to cancel the programme wasn’t even made by NBC.

A thorough, exclusive report from TVLine in July stated that the show was intended to continue, with a final season 5 of eight episodes being planned.

Money, creative issues, and schedule were the main factors, according to their report, with many sources claiming that “renewal reached a big snag in mid-June when negotiations with co-star Manny Montana hit a wall.” They also bring up issues in Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana’s relationship, but they come to the conclusion that there were simply too many things at play for the show to be renewed.

This brings us to Netflix. Could they have made the fifth season of the programme?

That’s unclear, I guess.

According to a report by Deadline, negotiations would have had to be made to fit any existing pricing structure in order for Good Girls season 5 to be shown exclusively by Netflix. According to reports, Universal TV created budgets for turning the programme into a full Netflix Original, but nothing of significance really happened.

In the end, it doesn’t seem like Netflix was given the chance to take it on since the lack of funding and the other issues mentioned above simply made it impossible to proceed.

Retta’s comments regarding the Good Girls?

Why is Season 5 of Good Girls Not Happening

Retta stated that the show was “extremely close” to getting renewed on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday. She continued, “One individual wrecked it for the entire cast and crew, which is why it’s not back.”

Retta responded to Kelly Ripa‘s question on why the individual could not have been fired from the programme as follows: “I believe it was a little too soon for [the authors] to begin and develop the plot, so… no. Believ me, Kelly—I’m irritated!”

Retta avoided identifying the “one individual” during the appearance.

In the past, there were allegations of a tense working relationship between actress Christina Hendricks, who played Beth on the NBC and Netflix series, and her co-star Manny Montana, who played Rio.

In a 2020 show panel, Hendricks stated: “Chris, Manny calls me. Nobody I know addresses me as Chris. My name is not on it. I find that to be completely dumb. And he’s never given me the chance to let him know how much I detest it. It’s very strange.”

She had previously said of her collaboration with the actor that it was “simply a very type of respectful work…lot it’s more professional than people would assume.”

In contrast, Montana himself stated on The Total Celebrity Show: “We arrive, complete our work, and depart for home. It’s very professional.”

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Numerous media outlets claimed that the show’s cancellation was partly due to the failure of contract negotiations with Montana. Despite becoming a hit on Netflix, the show had poor ratings on its prior network, according to TV Line, therefore the network was unable to make the show profitable.

Retta didn’t make a public post regarding the cancellation of Good Girls at the time. However, her co-star Mae Whitman said she was “sad and perplexed” about what had happened. Hendricks uploaded an image depicting her Good Girls character covering Whitman’s character’s eyes in response to the news.

Where can I view all seasons of Good Girls?

Every episode of Good Girls is currently accessible on Netflix in the United States. Amazon sells both complete seasons and individual episodes.

Trailer for Season 5 of Good Girls

Good Girl Season 5 has been officially cancelled by NBC, hence there is no official trailer available.

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