• Last week, I covered the filing of an alleged open records violation in Posey County government. The complaint was filed by Ed Adams. As part of that coverage, I included quotes from several documents submitted as part of that official complaint.

  • By Pam Robinson

    Riverside Reflections

  • Most of us have had those times when we wish we’d done something differently, or said something that we left unsaid. If you haven’t yet, you probably will.
    This past week, I had one such experience. I learned that a friend had passed away, and that I hadn’t been a very good friend at all.

  • The MSD of Mount Vernon would like to extend a hearty “thank you” to our agricultural community for nominating the school corporation for Monsanto's Grow Rural Education Grant. From the farmers' support, we were able to obtain a $10,000 grant to purchase the Defined STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program and a mini iPad lab.


    Riverside Reflections

  • Energizing Indiana encourages Hoosiers to take action in October to reduce energy consumption.
    Each year, the U.S. Department of Energy designates this month as Energy Action Month to highlight the importance of the energy used in day-to-day living, as well as ways to reduce the energy that is wasted.

  • Before we get to the shenanigans and double dealings of Titanic Thompson, Hubert Cokes, Arnold Rothstein and various other grifters, shysters and con-men concerning the 1924 football game that really took place at a secret location in a cow pasture on the Osage Indian Nation outside my hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, let’s review how we got here.

  • Thursday evening, Posey County residents have an opportunity to learn a little more about real stories connected to domestic and sexual violence, as well as other predatory crimes.
    Willow Tree of Posey County will stage a Silent Witness program at Mount Vernon’s River Front.
    For those who are unaware of what Willow Tree is all about, the group advocates for victims of domestic and sexual violence. The board involves community leaders from various walks of life, including law enforcement and educators.

  • Issued by Darrel Good and Scott Irwin

    Agricultural Economists

    University of Illinois
    Submitted by Jon Neufelder
    Purdue Ag Extension Educator
    Posey County

    Corn prices continue the long retreat from the peak of September 2012, declining to the lowest level since late August 2010. The most recent price weakness reflects both supply and demand considerations.

  • Chief Fred Lookout, his wife, Julia, Raven and Coach Frank McDonald sat on the veranda of the Lookout ranch house in the early evening of July 4, 1946 and watched as Osage boys shot off fireworks that lit up the Tallgrass Prairie. Several cowboys stood ready with wet gunnysacks in case of a misadventure. It had been a wonderful feast day in celebration of the country’s birth but especially for the end of World War II.

  • Submitted by the Indiana State
    Department of Health

    The recent release of the Suicide in Indiana report by State health officials serves as a somber reminder that suicide is a leading cause of death for Hoosiers aged 15-54.  Tragically, reports of suicide deaths in Indiana increased steadily from 2007-2010, according to the report.  Many suicides and suicide attempts are unreported.

  • By Larry Robb
    Posey County EMA Director

    Now that it is fall season and we are approaching October pretty quickly, we are getting into a time that I call the "second season" for severe weather. Most everybody knows that the most active period for severe weather is in the springtime around April and May, but we also see our fair share of dangerous thunderstorms around October and November. There is also an added danger as days are getting shorter, thus, less light to actually see the storms and spot any funnel clouds or tornadoes.

  • Raven and Frank walked west along Main Street from the Duncan Hotel to the Constantine Theatre a block away.
    The marquee announced a touring vaudeville show. Frank was afraid to reach for Raven’s hand, but he did feign to protect her by getting as close as he could while negotiating them through the large crowd in line for tickets. He knew he would not be able to talk to Raven in the theatre and the show was supposed to be two hours long.

  • An incident from a few weeks ago has remained on my mind since, so I thought it might be therapeutic to get it out here for the world to see, know about, comment on, etc.
    It happened during one of those meetings that the developers of The Landing held recently at the Alexandrian Public Library. In fact, it was the pervasive theme of the meeting.

  • Fall weather not only turns leaves many colorful hues and puts a crisp note in the air. It also means harvest of spring planted crops will be underway and many pieces of farm machinery traveling on Posey County roadways.
    Farmers have a short time frame to harvest crops at their full potential and many work long days with little rest like many hard workers. To remind everyone to slow down and use caution when sharing the road Posey County Farm Bureau Inc board members are placing signs in the county between Sept. 15 - 20.

  • After months of training, I completed the Tough Mudder event held in St. Louis, MO on Saturday. I have trained for many athletic events in my life, but had no idea what I was getting myself into this time.
    Some people were dressed as super heroes and others came from every walk of life. A few competitors were well over 50-years old. It was a diverse group of warriors, indeed.

  • Editor’s note: This week’s letter will be the final regular occurance of BillyLetters.