Sheree Zampino Net Worth 2022: Career, Age, Personal Life And More Updates!

Sheree Elizabeth Zampino was born on December 16, 1967, in Schenectady, New York, to African-American and Italian ancestry. She is best known for her work as an actress and producer on shows like “Hollywood Exes” and “Oh Drama!” and for being Will Smith’s ex-wife. Les Zampino is her father’s daughter.

Sheree Zampino’s net worth

As a result of her television career, Zampino has accumulated a substantial fortune. As of this year, she has a net worth of roughly $6 million. According to numerous estimates, the former reality television star earns between $150K and $1 million each year. She also makes a lot of money through her own skincare brand, Sheree Elizabeth LLC. As a cast member of VH1’s reality show Hollywood Exes, Zampino has also earned a respectable wage. Sheree Elizabeth LLC was established in 2009. She is currently the company’s CEO.

Early Years of Sheree Zampino

Her father raised her, and her upbringing was tough as a result. She was always captivated to the world of fashion, even as a child. Thanks to her parents’ support and her own initiative, she was able to attain her ambitions.

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Sheree graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in fashion design in high school. Simultaneously, she enrolled in the institute’s business degree in order to follow her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. Sheree learned she had the abilities to follow her passions and earn money doing what she loves after completing a dual degree in fashion and business. She has done so ever since.

Sheree Zampino’s Career

Miss Zampino made her acting debut in the film “Our Journey” in 2001. He became well-known for her roles in Minay TV, ‘Do Something Award,’ and ‘Hollywood Exes.’
Sheree starred alongside Mayte Garcia, Jessica Canseco, Shamicka Lawrence, and others in the 2012 reality television series “Hollywood Exes.” The film follows women who have divorced well-known husbands and the challenges they confront in finding new mates and having families.
Sheree Elizabeth LLC is a skincare company that she founded with the help of her love of design and a business course. She is currently the company’s CEO. She runs a fashion-focused website as a business owner.

Personal life of Sheree Zampino

Zampino has already had two marriages. Will Smith, her ex-husband, is a well-known Hollywood star. They married in 1992, but it was short-lived. In 1995, they got divorced. NFL player Terrell Fletcher married Zampino in 2007. In early 2014, rifts surfaced in his second marriage, which had initially appeared to be going well.

Zampino filed for legal separation from Fletcher in 2007, after seven years of marriage. Zampino said their divorce was caused by their inability to get along, according to court documents obtained from Los Angeles County Superior Court. Her public appearances have been limited recently due to her second divorce. Zampino is now single and unattached.

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Trey, the son she shared with Smith, is hers as well. Trey was merely a baby when he participated in his father’s “Just the two of us” video in 1998. He dabbled in acting as well, appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show and two episodes of the sitcom All of Us. Fletcher and Zampino have a second child, a girl named Jodie, but Zampino maintains his identity hidden from the world.

Sheree Zampino’s Height and Weight

Sheree is 4 feet 11 inches (1.51 meters or 151 cm) tall and weighs 103 pounds (47 kg). She has a unique physical type. Her physical measurements are 35 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 34 inches long. Her shoe size is 6.

Domestic Violence Claims by Sheree Zampino

Sheree Zampino and Will Smith had a great connection when it came to their marriage. Their marriage, however, ended after only a brief time together.

Many fans are wondering if Sheree Zampino has made any domestic abuse complaints against Will Smith. On the other hand, no evidence of such claims can be found on the internet.

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