Slow Horses Season 2 Release Date Confirmed: Cast, Plot Trailer and More!

Apple TV+ has already announced Season 2 of Slow Horses, and it has even been recorded.

The first season is finally over: Hassan survived, Slough House was cleared, Di Taverner got away with it (kind of), and everyone lived to fight another day. Except for Sid Baker, who was shot in the head and then MI5 “disappeared.”

It’ll leave you wishing for more of this fantastic, darkly hilarious spy thriller, and one is surely on the way. It’s a vote of confidence from Apple TV+, and it’s well-deserved.

Mick Herron‘s book series has become a publishing sensation, and a cast this large needs to be locked in and fully utilised. So, what can we expect from Season 2 of Slow Horses?

Season 2 of Slow Horses release date

All bets are off now that it’s been discovered that the actors and crew recorded two seasons simultaneously; Apple TV+ may release the second season anytime it wants. There’s no need to put it off for a year.

If the first season’s audience response is positive, Apple TV+ is likely to want to start production on a third season right away.

If this happens, the second season will almost certainly come out the same year as the first. Late 2022 is now our forecast.

Who Will Return for Slow Horses Season 2?

The majority of the Slow Horses cast has already announced their return, including:

Gary Oldman portrays Jackson Lamb.
Jack Lowden portrays River Cartwright.
Kristin Scott Thomas portrays Diana Taverner.
Saskia Reeves portrays Catherine Standish.
Jonathan Pryce portrays David Cartwright.
Christopher Chung portrays Roddy Ho.
Rosalind Eleazar portrays Louisa Guy.
Dustin Demri-Burns portrays Min Harper.

Olivia Cooke’s character Sid, who was shot in the head during the first season, is one cast member whose return is questionable.

Taverner said she perished in the conclusion, but Roddy confirmed that her records were erased, hinting that “she might still be alive somewhere.” Based on this tease, we believe Sid will return at some point.

What will happen next in Season 2 of Slow Horses?

Slow Horses: A Recap

Taverner confronts Judd at his home, alleging that after Hobden’s visit, he made calls to far-right contacts, which jeopardised the mission and resulted in Black’s death. After Taverner continues to deceive her about the scheme, Tierney arrives from the United States and orders that all loose ends be knotted. Curley leads Larry and Hassan to the isolated woods where the beheading will take place. Larry, on the other hand, frees Ahmed and attacks Curley with an axe, but then retreats, leaving Hassan to be recaptured by a wounded Curley. Larry arrives to Harwich’s seaport but is assassinated on Tierney’s orders by “The Dogs,” who place a weapon on his body to excuse the murder.


Curley plans to assassinate Hassan outside of what he believes is a Norman castle, but which Ahmed warns him is a ruse. With the help of Roddy, Lamb, Cartwright, Min, and Louisa are able to track them down to the same location. Curley and River engage in a brief shootout before Curley is knocked out by Hassan’s rock. The gang prevents “The Dogs” from murdering Curley when they arrive.

Roddy informs River that all traces of Sid’s name have been erased, implying she may still be alive, as the end appears to be a success. Duffy intends to assassinate Hobden. The previous Director-General of MI5, Charles Partner, is discovered to have committed suicide after being blackmailed by a foreign intelligence organisation. Lamb informs Standish that he was aware of the gun and provided it because Partner was a dear friend. However, a flashback reveals that Lamb murdered him and staged his suicide on River’s grandfather David Cartwright’s orders.

Season 2 trailer for Slow Horses

Because the second season has already been filmed, we expect the trailer to be available soon, and we’ll update this site accordingly.

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