Solar Opposites Season 3 Release Date: Cast, Plot And ALL We Know So Far!

The uncertainty of Season 3 of Solar Opposites made us question if there will be another season. And it appears that the viewers of this animation show have received a lot of official confirmation and good luck.

Solar Opposites follows a family of aliens from a better society who are forced to seek refuge in America’s heartland. They can’t seem to agree on whether anything is bad or good.

A parallel plot follows a human civilisation that has been downsized and confined in the terrarium known as ‘The Wall’ by the replicant Yumyulack. The audience responded positively to the show.

Nearly a year ago, Solar Opposites was renewed for a third and fourth season. But where are the updates after a year? All of them are mentioned in this article.

Release Date For Solar Opposite Season 3

Solar Opposites’ Season 3 premiere date has yet to be revealed. However, we expect it to be announced shortly.

The streaming site and the show’s creators should make an official announcement shortly, as the previous comment was issued months ago.

Season 3 will consist of 12 episodes, as compared to the previous 8-episode schedule maintained by Seasons 1 and 2.

Oh, and we nearly forgot: fans will be treated to a super-not-so-secret Christmas bonus episode between now and the Season 3 launch.

Season 3 Cast of Solar Opposites

The major characters from the previous seasons are expected to return in the third season of this spectacular science fiction television series, according to internet speculations. Here’s a list of videos that can help you discover more about your favourite characters and their storylines.

Justin Roiland portrays the character Korvo.
In the film, Thomas Middleditch plays Terry.
Sean Giambrone plays Yumyulack in the film Yumyulack.
Mary Mack portrays Jesse in the role of Jesse.
Sagan McMahan provides Pupa’s voice (an infant alien).
Alfred Molina, who also stars in the film, plays the Duke.
Tiffany Haddish (Tuca and Bertie Season 2), who is also a comedian, plays Aisha.
Andy Daly portrays Tim.
Jason Mantzoukas provides Van’s voice.
In this episode, Principal Cooke is played by Rob Schrab.
Kari Wahlgren plays Mrs. Frankie in this video.

What will be the plot of Season 3 of Solar Opposites?

That is an excellent question. After all, in season two, the family was reincarnated as trees and smacking their neighbours, which seemed to nicely tie everything up. What comes next? In a recent interview with SyFyWire, the show’s creators addressed that very subject.

“There’s some really f***ing stupid stuff in Season 3,” Roiland said in the interview, promising that they’ll keep pushing the limits of what they can (and can’t) do on TV. According to McMahan, the extra-long season allowed them to “[go] wilder” with the show’s shenanigans. What about Cherie and Halk, who have promised Tim vengeance and are accompanied by baby Pezlie? Given how much the show’s creators adore the show-within-a-show that is the Wall, it’s safe to think they’ll be delving deep into that plot (SyFyWire).

‘Solar Opposites’ will be accessible exclusively on Hulu in early 2022.


Season 3 of Solar Opposites is currently under production

Hulu wasted no time in committing to this drama, since it was renewed for a third season two months after its premiere in 2020. Production has been ongoing for some time, with the team knee-deep in it. In Mach 2021, Mike McMahan informed Inverse that they were working on animatics for the new season, which will contain 12 episodes rather than the previous two seasons’ eight. “We’re going to start developing animatics,” said the group. We’re practically in all of the phases at the same time during the season and still in the thick of it,” McMahan explained.

“We recently released Episode 7 to animatic,” Roiland continued, “and the first five have been receiving cleans.” So now we’re right in the middle of everything.” However, that was some months ago, and they are undoubtedly much further ahead today. The main takeaway is that, unlike “Rick and Morty,” which is notorious for being late, these episodes look to be on time.

Season 3 Trailer for Solar Opposites

Not right now. We should expect the Season 3 trailer to be released around a month before the show’s premiere, as was the case with the Season 2 trailer.

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