Solomun Net Worth: Know More About His Career, Age, Income and Personal Life

Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mladen Solomun is a DJ and producer. You can learn more about Mladen’s personal life, including his net worth, family, relationships, wiki, and facts, by scrolling down this page.

Who is Mladen Solomun?

DJ Mladen Solomun is a well-known name. In 1975, he was born in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the 27th of December. Mladen is also known as Bosnian DJ and producer Solomun, a pseudonym he adopted as a professional musician. Additionally, he was voted the best deep house DJ in Beatport’s 2016 fan poll.

Mladen is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian by ethnicity. “West Coast” by Lana Del Rey was one of the songs he had the opportunity to remix.

Mladen Solomun’s Net Worth

Mladen Solomun’s Net Worth, Salary, Income, Lifestyles, Family, and many more details. Let’s see how much Mladen Solomun will be worth in 2021-2022, shall we?

Mladen Solomun’s net worth ranges between $1 million and $3 million.

His net worth is between $1 million and $5 million at the age of 44. Mladen Solomun is a well-known DJ.

His job as a professional DJ paid the bills. He hails from Travnik, a small town in eastern Serbia. For her 2014 single “West Coast,” he was given the chance to remix Lana Del Rey.

Early Years

On December 27, 1975, in Travnik, Bosnia, a man named Mladen Solomunw was born.

While growing up, his father employed him in the construction industry. He soon discovered that he had a deep love for movies and a deep desire to make them.

With the help of a few friends and family members, he formed a micro-production company and began working on short films together. Before he realised that music was his true calling, he spent nearly five years in the film industry honing his craft. Upon the visit of his nightclub-going cousin, who had some music cassettes to spare.

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He began producing music in 2005 and, along with Adriano Trolio, who handles Diynamic’s booking, started the record label Diynamic in late 2005. Do-it-yourself is Diynamic’s credo. He reworked Noir & Haze’s ‘Around’ in 2011. Resident Advisor named it the year’s best remix. “DJ of the Year” was the title he received from Mixmag in 2012. Nightclubs Pacha and Destino both hosted Solomun during his 2015 Ibiza residency. With two performances at The BPM Festival, he got the year started right, playing Diynamic in the Jungle and Solomun +1 with Mano Le Tough among others. The After Hours DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online featured him as an in-game resident DJ. Since “Customer is King” was shot entirely within Grand Theft Auto V’s game engine, Solomun and Rockstar Games collaborated on a music video for it. Solomun’s net worth is estimated to be around $4.5 million as of 2022, according to Forbes.

Personal Life

Many people believe Mladen Solomun has never been married and is currently unattached. The current status of Solomun’s love life is unknown.

As far as Mladen Solomun’s past relationships go, there is zero evidence to support this claim.

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According to some astrologers, Mladen Solomun is a Capricorn.

Who is Mladen Solomun’s mate?

In our records, it appears that Mladen Solomun is either unmarried or has never been engaged. Mladen Solomun hasn’t been seen with anyone since December of the year 2021.

It appears that Mladen Solomun has never had a relationship with anyone else in his life. Help us build Mladen Solomun’s dating history by submitting your information here!

Information & Intriguing Facts

Among the most well-known DJs, Mladen is at the top of the list. Among the select group of well-known people from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every December 27, Mladen Solomun’s birthday is celebrated.

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Hamburg native Solomun has won three DJ Awards for Best Producer and Best Deep House DJ, and he has also been nominated for a Grammy for his work. Having been born in Bosnia at the request of Solomun’s father, Solomun and his family relocated to Hamburg following their arrival. He worked in construction with his father as a youngster. He came to realise that he had a natural talent for filmmaking. A group of his friends founded a small film production company, which he worked for and helped manage. Solomun’s net worth is estimated to be around $4.5 million as of 2022, according to Forbes.

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