Sony has Reportedly Shipped Playstation Prototype Consoles, Could it be the PS5 Pro?

Sony has been delivering strange PlayStation system devkits from Japan to Oakland, California, according to recent sources. Given that the PS5 was released more than a year ago, it’s unlikely that devkits will be available, leading to speculation about the PS VR2 or PS5 Pro.

Sony’s game subsidiary, PlayStation, is one of the biggest brands in the industry, with one of the most well-known console families and top-tier developers such as Santa Monica Studios and Guerrilla Games creating AAA masterpieces.

What could these mysterious PlayStation consoles be?

Sony transported approximately 700kg (about 1500 pounds) of mystery PlayStation consoles overseas, according to a shipping log discovered by Tweak Town. The item was delivered from the United Kingdom to Norfolk, Virginia, and was made up of four CTN, or cartons. The containers are also labeled as prototype video game consoles on the ledge.

But, exactly, what are these enigmatic PlayStation consoles? That’s an excellent question. To be totally honest, no one knows for sure what they could be. There are no known Sony operations in Norfolk, Virginia, as Tweak Town points out. However, there are a few Sony service locations in the neighborhood. And since the shipment’s HS Code #981700 is listed on the ledger, it could be related to console parts. It’s possible, however, that Virginia was simply a layover for the goods. They could have taken another mode of transportation to get to their final destination.

We do know that Sony is working on a PlayStation VR 2 version. Because the product’s name was just released, it’s safe to assume that the company has already constructed several prototypes or devkits to send out to early testers.

We could be looking at prototype versions of the PSVR2 because these strange PlayStation systems are designated as prototypes. It’s also likely that they’re early prototypes for a more powerful PS5, such as a PS5 Pro. It’s also possible that they’re just outdated PS5 prototypes that Sony needed to get rid of. Of course, all of this is simply conjecture.

At the end of the day, there’s no way of knowing what these strange PlayStation consoles are. Realistically? They’re probably not all that significant.

PSVR2 or PS5 Pro

I’m looking forward to seeing how Sony expands its virtual reality services now that the PlayStation VR 2 has been confirmed. When it first came out, the PSVR wasn’t the most powerful VR headset, but it did pave the way for affordable and immersive VR.

Sony has the opportunity to go one step further with its second VR headset and actually produce one of the best PS5 accessories. It would be great if these mysterious PlayStation systems turned out to be prototype versions of the PSVR.

There’s also the possibility that these strange PlayStation systems are PS5 Pros. These consoles would essentially be a better version of the PS5. It may even include hardware that is comparable to that found in higher-end PCs.

However, considering the continuous chip shortages that are now hampering the market, as well as the difficulty Sony is having getting the PS5 replenished, it’s unlikely that the PS5 Pro will be released so soon. Still, nothing is impossible, right?

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