Spanish resort cracks down on ‘drunken tourism’ by banning football shirts

People wearing football shirts are not allowed to enter restaurants in one of Majorca’s most popular party zones.

Despite the fact that the holiday season has only recently begun, Playa de Palma business owners are already tired of inebriated vacationers. They’ve banded together to set a dress code that tourists must adhere to or face being turned away from select bars and eateries.

Swimsuits, football kits, and any accouterments acquired from street vendors, such as gold necklaces or umbrella hats, are all prohibited. You can’t just take off your shirt because shirtless people will be sent away.

So far, eleven restaurants in Playa de Palma, Spain, have implemented the prohibition, with QR codes at their doorways allowing customers to check what they can and cannot wear.

They warn that while there may be some flexibility during the day, there will be no tolerance at night when the bad behavior is at its worst.

Tourist locations tighten down on inebriated visitors.

The Balearic Islands have been cracking down on inebriated travelers since 2020, using a variety of tactics aimed at attracting more valuable visitors.

This ‘excess edict’ affects the Ibiza resorts of Magaluf, Playa de Palma, and San Antonio. To combat excessive alcohol consumption, these renowned party holiday locations have outlawed all-you-can-drink deals, bar crawls, and happy hours, among other restrictions.

Excess tourism is “not welcome” in the Balearic Islands, according to President Francina Armengol.

“It’s not the kind of tourist we want, and it’s not the kind of tourism citizens deserve,” she remarked earlier this year, before the summer season began.

However, business owners in Playa de Palma are skeptical of the Balearics’ efforts to curb inebriated vacationers.

The manager and chief executive of Playa de Palma, Pedro Marn, and Juan Miguel Ferrer informed local media that there had been big groups of tourists merely trying to get intoxicated since May 10.


They don’t book far ahead, stay for only a few nights, and spend an average of €40 a day, “generally on booze and cans of beer that they consume while drinking on the street.”

Although the supply of alcohol at all-inclusive hotels has been limited, the problem still exists on the streets.

The tourists are so inebriated when they return to their hotel in the early hours of the morning, the business owners said. They are frequently abandoned on the sidewalk.

“Alcohol supply at all-inclusive hotels may have been reduced,” they added, “but the problem is out on the streets.”

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