Star Wars: Visions Season 2: Everything We Know So Far!

A fresh source suggests that a second season of Star Wars: Visions will be released this year, despite Lucasfilm’s refusal to confirm it.

Following the popularity of the anthology series Star Wars: Visions last year, a fresh collection of shorts is said to be on the way.

Visions will get a second season on Disney+, according to Cinelinx, and it will premiere this year. Fans will have to wait for official word on when and if more episodes of the anthology will be released, as Lucasfilm has yet to confirm a second season of the show. Given the favourable reception to the first nine shorts, Disney and Lucasfilm are likely to want to make more.

Is There a Season 2 of “Star Wars: Visions”?

‘Star Wars: Visions’ has yet to receive a second season renewal as of this writing. Before choosing whether or not to produce more seasons in the future, the show’s creators are looking for feedback from fans.

James Waugh, executive producer of Visions, tells Inverse, “There’s nothing scheduled right now.” “We are ecstatic with these shorts and adore them.” And I believe the strategy has been to “see what the public thinks first and then react from there.”

Even if the show is not renewed, the characters may appear in other forms of media. The next novel ‘Star Wars Visions: Ronin,’ for example, will investigate the mystery Ronin character from the episode “The Duel.” In October 2021, the novel was published. The first novel in the Visions series is “Star Wars Visions: Ronin.”

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“What’s interesting about it, like so much of Star Wars storytelling, is that there are all these different mediums that are extremely robust, and Star Wars pretty much defined that kind of cross-platform franchise storytelling,” adds Waugh. “As a result, some of these tales will be expanded to other platforms.”

Season 2 premiere date for Star Wars: Visions

As previously announced, Star Wars: Visions has not been renewed for a second season by Lucasfilm Animation, Disney, or any of the affiliated animation studios. However, according to recent web reports, a second anthology season is in the works.

The good news is that rumours are spreading on the internet that Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions will air later this year!

“Several, independent sources” have contacted Cinelinx in the last week to confirm the existence of “Star Wars Visions 2 in the works,” according to the company.

While no official source has confirmed this, the rumours are consistent with the idea that Disney has been looking for a way to continue Visions after the first season’s success in 2021.

Executive Producer James Waugh had previously stated that the famous anime anthology series’ destiny was largely dependent on fan reaction.

Waugh told Inverse that a second season was almost certain, despite the fact that “there is nothing scheduled at the moment.”

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Cast For the second season of Star Wars: Visions?

“Star Wars: Visions” has a strong English-speaking cast in its first season. Lucy Liu, Alison Brie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Simu Liu, David Harbour, and Henry Golding are just a few of the prominent names included in the credits over these nine episodes.

Given that “Visions” is an anthology series, Season 2 will most likely have wholly new storylines featuring intriguing characters who will be introduced to the public for the first time. With new characters comes new voice actors, so your favourite A-list celebrity may make the cut to join the “Star Wars” universe in an entirely new way.

There’s also the possibility that a second season will take up where Season 1 left off with various storylines. Some episodes, like as “The Twins” and “The Ninth Jedi,” effectively function as pilot episodes for their own miniseries, allowing voice actors to repeat their roles. The only way to know for sure is to wait and see what happens.

Plots from Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions

“Star Wars: Visions” is a self-contained series with each episode being self-contained. Season 2’s potential is limitless, but Season 1 set a high bar.

We can only infer that there is a desire to continue some of the stories that were started in the first batch of episodes. A novel named “Star Wars Visions: Ronin,” for example, will pick up where the episode “The Ronin” left off, with the enigmatic warrior introduced in that episode. As Waugh continues in his interview with Inverse, this method might be used in upcoming episodes. “What’s interesting about this, as with so much of Star Wars storytelling, is that there are so many other robust channels, and Star Wars pretty well defined cross-platform franchise storytelling.” As a result, some of these tales will be syndicated across a variety of venues.”

It’s also worth noting that if “Star Wars: Visions” is renewed for a second season, it appears that some episodes will have sequels. Even if it doesn’t, it appears that some articles will find new homes elsewhere. Whatever happens with the anthology series, Disney+ will have enough more “Star Wars” content to keep fans happy.

Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions Trailer

There isn’t a trailer yet, which is unfortunate. Have you seen the first season’s Japanese trailer? Although it lacks the all-star cast of the English dub, it does capture the wonder of a “new Star Wars trailer” in case you’ve missed it.

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While you wait for further details on Season 2 of this series, there’s always the upcoming novel Ronin, the High Republic line of Star Wars multimedia properties, and lots of other Star Wars animation on Disney+.

Alternatively, you can re-watch Visions. Showing interest could be a modest way for fans to support the show if fan reaction is the missing element to a renewal.

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