State of Decay 3 Release Date: All You Need To Know About State Of Decay 3!

While the worldwide zombie craze isn’t as strong as it once was, we’re still in for a lot more zombie action in the near future. Undead Labs is now working on the third installment of its State of Decay franchise, which will undoubtedly confront a diverse cast of survivors against hordes of wandering undead as they attempt to build a home in a horrific world.

Each game in the series thus far has combined aspects of action-adventure, survival horror, stealth, role-playing, and strategy into an exhilarating civilization-rebuilding, zombie-decapitating experience.

We don’t know much about State of Decay 3, but we’ve been looking for anything we can discover on the wasteland. Here’s all we know about State of Decay 3 so far.

When will it be available?

Undead Labs and Microsoft have yet to announce a release date for State of Decay 3, hinting that it will be published within the next year or two. When the cinematic announcement video was presented at the Xbox Games Showcase event in July 2020, Undead Labs indicated the game was in early pre-production stages. We’re hoping for a 2022 release, but a 2023 release might potentially be on the cards.


Xbox Game Studios will publish State of Decay 3, which will be available on the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC. The game is unlikely to be released while new games for last-gen consoles are still being released.

Gameplay and plot in State of Decay 3

While the only trailer we have for the game is purely CGI, it does provide some insight into what the game may contain when it is released.

For one thing, it implies that we’ll once again have to rely on scavenging and hunting for food to survive, while the chilly weather depicted heavily suggests that warming and shelter mechanics could enter the game.

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The trailer’s prominent (and terrifying) zombiefied deer also gives us optimism that there will be more wildlife to worry about, both infected and non-infected.


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State of Decay 3 will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, and PC by Xbox Game Studios. The game is unlikely to be launched during a period when fresh games are still being released for last-gen systems.

In-State Of Decay 3, multiplayer is available

Despite the fact that State of Decay 2 was mostly a solo experience, there were various options for playing with friends or joining strangers in their games. After you’ve begun a campaign, you can invite a friend to join you by taking control of another survivor in your town.

The system did, however, have a few shortcomings. The arriving player would be bound to the host, so if they wandered too far away, they’d black-screen and return to a location near the host. As a result, there was no fresh territory on the map to explore, and the tethering system made speedy escapes from zombie hordes a little too easy in some circumstances.

The in-game radio may also be used to issue a cry for help on the State of Decay servers, allowing any other online player to join in and play on their battlefield.


Class 3 was the first game in the State of Decay series, which was announced as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive in 2011. Eff Strain, co-creator of World of Warcraft and ArenaNet’s founder, envisioned a game where players could develop and test their own zombie survival methods. Then he started working on the game, which runs on CryEngine 3.

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According to Undead Labs, State of Decay has completed the final certification process and is now available for testing by the game’s publisher, Microsoft Studios. Undead Labs’ full-fledged online console game, Class4, was supposed to be a forerunner to State of Decay. Class4 will be one of the first zombie MMOs available on Xbox One.

According to Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain, State of Decay has officially become a franchise, and the company’s affiliation with Microsoft Studios was verified in a 2014 interview. He claimed that the first State of Decay was “only the start of (Undead Labs’) long-term aspirations.”

State of Decay 3 trailer

When we obtained the pre-rendered video you see below in mid-2020, it was the sole substantial piece of public knowledge about the new State of Decay.

It’s a short, somber piece that effectively portrays the game’s tone through a clever reverse of what you’d expect to see when hunting.

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