Steve Harvey Net Worth 2022: How He Become So Rich!

He is worth more in 2022 than Broderick. It was born on January 17, 1957. Stephen Harvey, Sr. is a TV host and actor from the United States. His shows include The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, Miss Universe, Family Feud Africa, and Judge Steve Harvey, which is about a judge who makes decisions about what people can and can’t do in court,

 Steve Harvey Net Worth

One of Steve Harvey’s best-known roles was as the host of an award-winning show called “Steve Harvey’s All-Star Comedy Jam.” He has a net worth of $200 million. For his work on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” “Family Feud,” and “Celebrity Family Feud,” he is known the most.

Early life and work in the comedy business

Steve Harvey Net Worth

Broderick Stephen Harvey was born in Welch, West Virginia, on January 17, 1957, and he is now 62 years old. Glenville High School was where he went to high school. He graduated in 1974. Before he went to West Virginia University, he went to Kent State College. At the Hilarities Comedy Club in Ohio’s city of Cleveland, on Oct. 8, 1985, his first stand-up show was. He worked as a boxer, a car worker and an insurance salesman. He also cleaned carpets and sent mail. For three years in the late 1980s, Harvey was homeless and lived in his 1976 Ford because the gigs he played didn’t have rooms for him to stay at, so he lived there.

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Following the second Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search in 1990, Harvey was chosen to be the host of the TV show “It’s Showtime at the Apollo.” This was because Harvey came second. Still, he kept up with stand-up comedy. He was with Cedric the Entertainer and DL Hughley on the Kings of Comedy tour in 1997 when they were all on tour. For two years in 1997 and 1998, this tour made $37 million. It was one of the highest-grossing comedy tours of all time, though.

Fame and fame as a cartoonist led to him getting roles in movies like “The FightingTemptations” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” (2003). His first stand-up special, “Steven Harvey: Don’t Trip…”, came out in 2006. His work with me isn’t done yet.

Family feud and hosting

His stand-up comedy career came to an end on August 2, 2012, when he did his last act at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It was the end of his 27-year career. People who aren’t comic book artists like Harvey have made a lot of money with other businesses, too.

Perhaps more than a comic, Harvey is known for being a lively and fun person to be with. ‘Family Feud‘ is a game show that Harvey started to host in 2010. He has also been the host of the show for the majority of the time, but not all of it. ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ is a spin-off that Harvey is also in charge of. In the modern world, he has become famous thanks to YouTube and all the videos that have gone viral of him reacting to “Family Feud” contestants who say things that aren’t right or aren’t funny.

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There were two Daytime Emmy Awards in 2013: Outstanding Talk Show Host and Outstanding Game Show Host. In 2013, he was the first person to get nominated for both. The next year, he was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame because of all his work.

Harvey was the host of the 2015 Miss Universe event in Las Vegas that year. As the host of the Miss Universe pageant in 2016, 2017, and 2018, he made a mistake and said the first runner-up was the winner. He had to admit that he had misread the results a few minutes after the winner was named.

Life Lessons from Steve Harvey

1.When you’re having problems, they’re part of the process of becoming a winner.

Steve Harvey had a lot of setbacks that threatened to stop him from making money as a professional comedian. At some point, he lost his job and had to stay in his car for three years because he was broke. It didn’t stop him. He kept going, even though there were a lot of problems.

2. Keep your mind on your dreams.

Harvey started working as a professional comedian in the early 1980s, but it took him about ten years to finally make it big on the stage. As long as he didn’t make any money from standup comedy, he stayed true to his goals and kept performing even though he didn’t get paid.

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3. Keep your promises to yourself and to other people.

Steve Harvey has been in the business for more than 30 years, and he’s still going strong. People who are consistent and have a lot of love for their jobs can last that long.

There are some quotes by Steve Harvey here

It’s good to learn from failure, and I think that when you make mistakes and learn from them, then you have something to share.

“How can smart women be so dumb about men at times?” People don’t know what they are talking about It’s what men have kept quiet about for so long.

I think the problem is that women no longer set the bar high.

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“You can be happy, or you can be right,” says the man. To be in a couple and win every argument, you’re going to have a hard time.

Lessons are available for almost everything, from learning how to fly a plane to learning how to race a car to learning how to sing. But there isn’t a class for comedy. You must be born with it. Because God has to give you this,

People invest money in real estate.

When Steve and Marjorie moved into a huge mansion in the gated community of Beverly Park in 2018, they paid $110,000 a month for it. The 12,000 square foot house, which is on just under 2 acres, cost the Harveys about $1.3 million a year in rent.

Steve Harvey bought a 9,000 square foot home in Atlanta for $3.4 million in 2010. He also owns a huge house outside of Dallas, Texas, that is spread out over 4 acres. When Steve moved to Chicago in 2013, he bought a 5,500-square-foot house on the 88th floor of Trump International. It was sold for $7.7 million in 2018.

Steve bought a 35,000-square-foot mansion in Atlanta for $15 million in May 2020. Tyler Perry used to own it, but Steve bought it for $15 million.

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