Subway Surfers makers launches MetroLand game on Huawei

One of the most popular smartphone games of all time is Subway Surfers. On your phone or tablet, you may play Metroland, a new Android game from co-developer and publisher Kiloo.

The only Android app store where you can now get the game is Huawei’s AppGallery. Also, Emojipedia has recently made a new batch of draught emojis available. iPhone and Android devices will be able to access this year’s most popular emoticons.

Metroland is presently only available through Huawei‘s App Gallery, which is pre-installed on all Huawei phones. To access the game, simply download and install the Huawei App Gallery.

If the game will finally be made available on the Google Play Store is something Kiloo has not confirmed. Additionally, the game’s iOS compatibility has not yet been verified.

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“Non-conforming, young and energetic explorers, sprinting, dodging, and even utilizing parkour to dodge the terrible MegaCorp guards,” states the game’s description. It is an unlimited scroller, so users can play for as long as they like.

As you travel across MetroLand’s cities, you can stop at seven other regions. With this game, the firm claims to “illustrate frantic, contemporary city life with a focus on momentum, speed, and thrill.” Each update for Subway Surfers at the time of its initial release would take players to a different city. They had to wait till the following update in that city because that was it.

Kiloo has additionally guaranteed that the new game will frequently receive seasonal updates, such as Halloween-themed enhancements, in order to keep players interested.

The game may be downloaded directly from the App Gallery for Huawei handsets. If you are using any other Android smartphone, you must first download the Huawei n App Gallery from Huawei’s official website and install it there. Then you may look up Metroland in an outside app store and download it there.



As the player progresses through the game, seven different areas in Metroland from Subway Surfers become available. The brightness, pace, and thrill of modern city life are highlighted in this piece.

Players can choose from a variety of characters to combat the villainous MegaCorp. To keep players interested, the game will be updated with weekly events in addition to yearly festivities like Halloween and other festivals.

Characters can also get better thanks to new game features like the ability to send them on missions and watch them change as you advance through the levels.

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