Taraji P. Henson Teases Outfit Changes and Enlisting Friends to Help Host 2022 BET Awards

For this year’s BET Awards audience, Taraji P. Henson has some major surprises planned. The actress, who has been nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe, will host the annual awards event for a second consecutive year, and she hopes to top her hosting debut.

Henson used her position as host the previous year to pay tribute to several influential Black women who have had a positive impact on pop culture. She did this with a memorable opening monologue and several ensembles that acknowledged and promoted the looks and styles of some ground-breaking artists.

Henson gave some information to ET about what viewers may anticipate when they tune in before the performance airs on Sunday at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The actress described the awards night as a “high-energy show” and revealed that she “called on some friends” for the celebrations this year. It’s a moment I used in the show, so I kind of want to keep it a secret since it’s going to be very legendary, she hinted. “I enjoy startling people. You must start these events with a lot of energy or you’ll lose the crowd, you know. So rest assured that it will be amazing once more.”

“We put all of our efforts into loving up the gals the previous year.

This year, I believe the guys deserve some love “Added her.

Henson’s repeated wardrobe changes, though, won’t be a surprise. She said, “I suppose [there are] 15 or 14,” comparing the modifications to her time working in the theatre. “My team, not I, is responsible. They strive to surpass themselves.”

Henson was always the first choice for this year’s host, according to Connie Orlando and Jeannae Rouzan-Clay, executive producers of the yearly awards ceremony, who spoke to ET.

Orlando said, “She’s simply so wonderful and she’s the queen of the multi hat. I think we asked her three minutes after we completed the show last year. She is capable of everything and has accomplished everything, therefore this is the ideal house for her.

The view was mirrored by Rouzan-Clay, who said, “It’s always fantastic to have a host that connects with our audience and is involved with both the show and the culture. I believe Connie means to add that following last year’s performance we knew we wanted to welcome [Henson] back because she had such a positive response from both our home audience and the audience here. We’re just thrilled to have her back this year because everyone adores her and there was nothing she couldn’t achieve.”

Orlando stated, “We have a bigger entrance this year, it’s going to be fun, and I think everyone will really lean into it like last year.” “I can’t wait for her to set the tone for the entire event. You shouldn’t skip the start!”

Rouzan-Clay teased that Henson “wanted to do something a little unique” and that fans would witness “a little Taraji in motion” onstage in another indication that Henson might perform for the show herself.

Sean “Diddy” Combs will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday, and he will also put on a star-studded concert reflecting on his career as a producer and musician. Henson mentions Diddy’s influence as a media tycoon on Black culture as the reason she is looking forward to it.

She said that Diddy is so important to society that it is impossible to discuss hip-hop, fashion, or even alcohol without bringing up his name. “He deserves to be honoured since he has shaped so many careers as an iconic and famous star. While he is still alive, we should give him his flowers so he can enjoy them. It’s past due.”

While all is going on, Henson has been hard at work on some significant projects of her own, such as signing a contract with BET Studios and playing Shug Avery in the Blitz Bazawule-directed movie version of the Broadway musical The Color Purple.

The 51-year-old described the performance as “amazing,” which is the only way he could describe it. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Black people look that gorgeous, and Blitz’s vision is simply so wonderful.

She went on, “There is still beauty and joy there, even in a time when it wasn’t lovely for Black people. You know, it’s actually about how marvelously Black people can find joy even in the most hopeless circumstances. It’s not that heavy and depressing and weighing on the trauma.”

Audiences will get the opportunity to watch Henson excel in this project’s musical. She said, “Just seeing the music and what Fatima has done with this choreography gives me shivers. “You guys aren’t prepared, in my opinion. You definitely aren’t expecting to hear me sing like this because every time I hear myself, I’m constantly surprised. That’s me, sort of!”


Henson stated that she intends to use her contract with BET Studios to share more Black and varied stories. There are many different Black people, she said, and we have stories that “educate and modify the thinking via genuine characters.”

That includes narratives that offer seldom-heard viewpoints, such as ones that discuss the widespread mental health issues in the Black community.

The host of Peace of Mind remarked, “If we had more stories that highlighted characters or individuals dealing with mental health difficulties, then it wouldn’t be so taboo.” “Because we watch it on television every week, we would be able to discuss it properly. Representation counts in all spheres. There is just so much to say about the human race since it is so large and diversified.”

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