The Best Free Pc and Console Games to Claim in July 2022

Everyone adores free games. Even though Steam has a big variety, some merchants only have certain titles in stock for a certain period of time. Weekly, Epic Games provides

several unblocked games. New games are often added to Amazon’s Prime Gaming membership programme. You won’t get to play a PC game that you might have.

though, if you’re not looking, kept for life.

A number of free games are currently accessible, including weekly offers from Epic, publisher promos on Steam, freebies from GOG sales, and more.

To keep up with them all, though, could be a real challenge, and you run the risk of missing out on some useful information.

We at PC Gamer have made the decision to maintain an ongoing list of all the free games that appear on our screens in order to help. games available for free and other

Since the goal is to help you identify and claim games that ordinarily cost money, games that are typically free won’t be featured; for that, be sure to look at

a list of the top free PC games, broken down by category. Games that are free to keep and transient promotions will be featured and designated as such.


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Free games from the Epic Games Store

Every week, Epic Games provides no-account games for free. Open the launcher, visit the Epic Games Store website (which will open in a new window), or both.

When you find a game you want to download, click the Free Now button next to it in the list of available free games. Then, carry on as though you were purchasing the game.

You won’t be paid, but the game will appear in your library on the Epic Games launcher.

Mutagen from Geneforge 1 (Through July 7)

You play a wizard in Geneforge(Which opens in a new window) with the ability to summon strong creatures to carry out your orders. You may basically do whatever you want in this open-world role-playing game, including utilise magic, control your minions, join factions, work with your foes, and dodge confrontation.

Hood: Legends & Outlaws (Until July 7)

In the action game Hood(Opens in a new window), four-player teams compete to carry off the most daring heists possible. Utilize your character’s special skills to sneakily take items or easily defeat foes.

Lord of the Dead, Iratus (Until July 9)

You play as the antagonist in the turn-based tactical role-playing game Iratus (which opens in a new window). In order to engulf the world in darkness, you can control an army of the undead, develop your soldiers, expand your lair, explore the game’s underground passageways, and eventually make it to the surface.

Ancient Opponent (July 7-14)

This RPG card battler has already been won by the forces of evil. You must travel through a desolate wasteland in Ancient Enemy(Which opens in a new window) while using your card collection to cast potent spells and abilities against formidable opponents.

Death Floor 2 (July 7-14)

A first-person shooter called Killing Floor 2(Opens in a new window) focuses on eliminating hordes of sick monsters. Using a range of firearms and melee weapons, you can engage in battle alone or with up to six other people.

No cost GOG games

While GOG doesn’t regularly offer free games like some other websites do, you can get them immediately off the home page when they do. Seek out a sign with a countdown to a free game, then click the green button to access the game.

Between giveaways, GOG always provides a modest selection of no-cost titles, mostly older video games that have been made freely available(Which opens in a new window).

the enhanced edition of The Witcher

Download the GOG Galaxy desktop client from GOG to receive a free copy of the first Witcher game (Which opens in a new window). Click the giveaway button at the top of the Recent view page to enter. The game is yours to keep as long as you agree to allow GOG to send you news and promotions.


Free Game Library

Any of GOG’s free games can be downloaded simply adding them to your basket and continuing the purchase process as usual. The games will then cost you nothing to add to your account. Beneath a Steel Sky, Shadow Warrior, Postal, and other Ultima games are standouts.

Akalabeth’s “World of Doom” (Opens in a new window) (1979)

In a new window, click here Ascendant (2014)

Below, a Steel Sky

Click here to open a new window (1994)

In a new window, click here Bio Threat (1993)

In a new window, click here Cayne (2017)

A Brief Adventure in Thimbleweed Park, by Delores

Click here to open a new window (2020)

Doomdark’s Revenge will open in a new window (1984)

Eschalon’s Book I (Opens in a new window) (2006)

The Flight of the Amazon Queen (Opens in a New Window) (1995)

“Hello Neighbor” beta version (Opens in a new window) (2017)


Click here to open a new window.

Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy (Opens in a new window) (1991)

The Lords of Midnight will open in a new window (1984)

Luring the temptress (Opens in a new window) (1992)

In a new window, click here Loria (2018)

In a new window, click here Start TTD (2004)

Traditional Postal Service In a new window, click here (2003)

In a new window, click here Samorost (2003)

Sang-Froid: Tales of the Werewolf

Click here to open a new window (2013)

Shadow Warrior Classic in its entirety (Opens in a new window) (1997)

In a new window, click here Stargunner (1996)

Sunrider’s Mask of Arcadius (Opens in a separate window) (2014)

In a new window, click here Symphonia (2020)

In a new window, click here Teenagent (1994)

Treasure Hunting Game (Opens in a new window) (2011)

In a new window, click here the year 2000 (1999)

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