The Chosen Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot Trailer – All We Know So Far

Texas writer Dallas Jenkins based historical drama “The Chosen” on the life of Jesus Christ.

On this show, we’ll follow Jesus of Nazareth as his fame grows and he begins to minister publicly.

For the first time ever, the first season of The Chosen: Jesus Christ Story was made available on the VidAngel streaming service and an exclusive app on December 9, 2019. There was an enthusiastic response when the first episode of the series was released in December 2017.

Short video filmed for an Illinois church Christmas Eve service serves as the opening episode.

There has never been a television series about Jesus Christ’s life before. Many people have praised the show because of its attention to detail and adherence to the Bible’s teachings. In terms of public support, it’s one of the most popular television shows ever made.

By the time it ended in June 2021, more than 150 million people had tuned in. Second season viewers are eager to learn what’s next for the historical drama. Everything you need is right here!

Release Date For Season 3 Of The Chosen

Viewers can expect a similar schedule for the third season, which means they’ll have to wait until 2022 to see the final eight episodes.

Second season didn’t begin until 2021, after a brief hiatus due to the introduction of covid 19. The show’s creators also gave us a Christmas special during the month of December as a Christmas gift to the fans.

Is The Chosen Season 3 Happening?

It could be that The Chosen Season 3 is imminent. Whether or not the third season of The Chosen will be released has yet to be announced by the show’s creators, but the likelihood that an announcement will be made is extremely high.

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An enthusiastic audience has embraced the show The Chosen so far. We’re confident that The Chosen’s third season will be just as well-received by fans.

This page will be updated with any new information we receive about The Chosen’s third season. As a result, be sure to visit this site frequently. See who’s returning for The Chosen’s third season cast.

Third-season cast of “The Chosen”

Expected cast members include Shahar Issac (Simon, Matthew, and Jesus Christ) as well as Paras Patel (Matthew), Jonathan Roumie (Jesus), and Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene).

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3 season plot of The Chosen

The second season of The Chosen ends with Sermon being prepared and the disciples arguing over the disappearance of Jesus. A high-ranking member of the Sanhedrin was stunned to see the Shmuel’s report of Jesus while thousands of people arrived at the sermon to participate.

A plot by Pharisees and Quintus to kill one of Christ’s closest disciples is the focus of Season 3, in which the two characters realise that Christ is the greatest threat to the Roman Empire. The disciples, on the other hand, will come into conflict with the emperors of Rome and rise up in rebellion.

On the other hand, John the Baptist will be seen entering Jerusalem and being arrested for speaking out against the wrongdoings of the evil King, but he will be brutally executed by Herod. While he may have been spared after that, God will punish him and avenge John the Baptist’s death.


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The show’s creators have yet to release an official trailer or teaser, but Dallas Jenkins has shared some behind-the-scenes moments on the show’s official YouTube channel anyway. The video demonstrates how difficult it is to play the main character on the set. The show’s director also thanked the show’s loyal fans for making the show a success and attracting literally millions of viewers in just one year.

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