The news iPhone 14 leaked images shocked the users with it’s design

With new design and price leaks, the iPhone 14 is gathering traction. Now, an unexpected iPhone 14 upgrade has surfaced.

The Elec (which has recently been on fire) reports that Apple has secured next-generation OLED technology from Samsung for iPhone 14 Pro versions. Then there’s the fact that Samsung didn’t even include the technology in its new Galaxy S22 lineup.

Apple’s iPhone display upgrades are still leaking out. In 2023, acclaimed industry display specialist Ross Young has revealed that the controversial ‘i-shaped’ cutout (picture below) will be unavoidable, building on the cutting-edge panels coming to this year’s iPhone 14 series. According to Young, Apple will launch the double cutout across all iPhone 15 models in 2022, but it will be Pro-only, therefore killing off the notch for good. Young’s impeccable track record further suggests that you may trust this information.

According to the latest reports, this will be contentious news for many iPhone fans. It’s been nearly five years since Apple ditched the notch in favour of a more modern design, but most were expecting either a smaller punch hole cutout — similar to competitor Android handsets — or a seamless under-display camera. Some would argue that it doesn’t look as bad as the object it’s replacing. Furthermore, Apple generally never changes designs after a single generation, implying that the i-shaped cutout will be around for a long time. It’ll be something iPhone enthusiasts will have to get used to all over again, much like the notch.

Apple is expected to announce its first event of the year tomorrow, according to rumours (March 1). A new cheap iPhone, as well as new iPad and Mac / MacBook models, are likely to be unveiled at the event. Apple is likely to reveal the date of the event on March 8, a date that has been backed by prominent insiders, including Bloomberg’s respected Apple detective Mark Gurman.

The new iPhone SE is expected to be the highlight for iPhone enthusiasts, while Apple is expected to take extensively from the existing 2020 design — which was influenced by the 2017 iPhone 8 — and keep the physical Touch ID button. An enhanced back camera, 5G connection, and an A15 Bionic CPU are expected to be the most significant changes, making it the quickest smartphone in its price range ($399). The existing 2020 iPhone SE is also expected to be kept, although with a new $199 price tag. Given the new markets that this would open up for Apple, this would be more significant than its replacement model.

In terms of the new iPad and Macs, the former should be a new iPad Air, with the same design but an upgraded A-series chip with 5G (a major theme of Apple’s announcements). Meanwhile, the latter could get two new devices: a high-end Mac Mini and a 13-inch MacBook Pro updated to match Apple’s larger 14-inch and 16-inch models from last year. Keeping 13-inch and 14-inch models in the lineup looks uncharacteristically crowded for an Apple laptop lineup, so I’m sceptical.

Of course, Apple’s announcement tomorrow is unlikely to resolve the matter, but at the very least, we’ll have a new date to mark on our calendars (tip: you can mark it now, it will be the 8th).

The technology in question is Samsung’s ‘M12 OLED material set,’ which includes the dopant, host, and prime elements of red, green, and blue pixels in OLED displays. It improves display performance and colour accuracy, and it was controversially left out of Samsung’s flagship S22 devices due to a cost-cutting decision, according to The Elec.

As a result, the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Plus were released with M11 — the same technology as last year’s models — while the Galaxy S22 was left further behind with M10, which was originally utilised by the Galaxy S20 line in 2020. And for iPhone aficionados, it’s not just this revelation that’s surprising; it’s also the reversal of recent history.

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Samsung introduced the first commercial LTPO variable refresh rate OLED screens in 2020, making high refresh rates far more energy efficient. The iPhone line was left out since Samsung only included the technology in the Galaxy Note 20. As a result, Apple had to postpone the release of its own ‘ProMotion’ iPhone displays until the iPhone 13 Pro models in late 2021. iPhones are now ahead of the game.

Samsung, for one, is anticipated to employ M12 OLED screens in its next-generation Galaxy foldable devices, which will be released in the autumn, but iPhones will be a first for popular smartphones. Given what we already know about normal iPhone 14 models, it’s safe to assume that this technology will be limited to iPhone 14 Pro devices.

Will this be enough to persuade iPhone 14 Pro buyers to forego the unpopular i-shape notch replacement in favour of an iPhone 14 Pro? It won’t harm you.

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