Democrats Are in A Bad Political Situation, and It’s Just Going to Get Worse

The political environment is terrible for Democrats -- and it may get worse

Joe Biden’s term has become a running joke, even among President Obama’s advisers.

At the White House Correspondents’ Association annual gala dinner on Saturday night, Biden may have been a good sport in mocking himself, his dwindling approval ratings, and his failure to properly implement his domestic program.

His quips, however, were based on the unpleasant reality of a president held prisoner by economic and global forces beyond his control, aggravated by some of his White House’s tactical failures.

As a result, a year after his approval rating was safely above 50%, the President and his party are confronting the most perilous political backdrop in recent memory in the run-up to the November midterm elections. High gas costs, the worst inflation in 40 years, the Ukraine war, and a lingering pandemic might all be alleviated by November. However, the trajectory of those crises — and the impact they have on topics that matter to and can harm Americans, such as grocery prices — could worsen.

For example, China’s significant new battle with Covid-19, which is fueled by the country’s low vaccination rate, and its coercive lockdowns threaten to strain global supply chains that pushed inflation higher in the first place. And, if the war in Ukraine, as feared, has a significant influence on the harvest in Europe’s breadbasket this year, American prices for necessities could skyrocket, as the invaded country is a major source of global grain and sunflower oil.

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As a result, the bleak circumstances that are currently hurting Democrats’ prospects are very likely to worsen before Election Day.

Inflation Is Wreaking Havoc on Democrats’ Chances in The Midterm Elections

All of This Explains Why There Is a Sense of Inevitability in Washington’s Popular Wisdom that Republicans Will Recapture the House of Representatives, with The Senate Perhaps Following After.

Some Economists Believe that Inflation, Which Has Been on The Rise Since the 1980s, Has Reached a Nadir. However, According to Numbers Released Last Week, a Key Gauge Followed by The Federal Reserve, the Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index, Was up 6.6 Percent for The Year Ending in March. Over the Same Period, Energy Prices Increased by 33.9 Percent, While Food Prices Increased by 9.2 Percent.

Another Report Released Last Week Revealed a 1.4 Percent Drop in Gross Domestic Product in The First Quarter. While There Are Technical Reasons to Believe the Statistic Is Not as Awful as It Appears, It Has Sparked Fears of A Recession, After Warnings from Several Prominent Wall Street Institutions that A Downturn Is on The Way.

As the November Elections Near, These Data Reveal the Democrats’ Basic Weakness. Because Millions of Americans Are Dissatisfied with High Prices, Biden Cannot Take Full Credit for The Economy’s Impressive Recovery from The Pandemic and Historically Good Job Numbers.

The Strength of Comparisons Was Demonstrated by Biden’s Victory Over Then-President Donald Trump in 2020. After the Tumultuous Four Years of Scandals, Deceit, and Instability in The White House, He Promised a Return to Steady Leadership.


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However, the 2022 Midterm Elections Are Already Shaping up To Be a Referendum on The President and Democrats, Who Wield All of Washington’s Political Power and Hence Bear Responsibility for The Public’s Current Discontent.

The political environment is terrible for Democrats -- and it may get worse

This Is Supported by A New Washington Post/ABC News Poll Released on Sunday.

While Biden’s Overall Approval Rating Has Risen to 42%, only 38% of Those Polled Approve of His Handling of The Economy. and 68 Percent Disapproved of His Inflation Record. Independent Voters, Who Will Be Critical in Close House and Senate Races in November, Were Particularly Irritated by The Matter.

White House Blunders

The President’s Inflation Woes Have Been Exacerbated by His Own White House’s Previous Assurances that The Price Rise Was “transitory” — a Messaging Blunder that Risks Undermining Voters’ Faith in Government Pronouncements and Provides an Easy Target for Republicans.

While Biden Has Taken Many Initiatives to Combat High Costs, Including Projects to Unclog Us Ports and Supply Chains, as Well as Releasing Millions of Barrels of Oil from The Country’s Strategic Reserves, His Actions Do Not Appear to Have Had a Significant Impact on The Lives of Many Americans. It’s Also Unclear Whether Blaming the High Cost of Living on “Putin’s Price Hike” Would Get Him out Of His Political Bind.

“Finally, when It Comes to Inflation, the Administration Needs to Stop Stating They Can’t Do Anything About It, Right? That’s Usually One of The First Things People Say When They Say, ‘it’s Not Our Fault,'” Said Will Hurd, a former Texas Republican Congressman, on Cnn’s “state of The Union.” “on the Following Sunday

Biden Takes a Swipe at His Approval Rating

On Saturday Night, Biden Stood up In the Big Ballroom of The Washington Hilton Hotel and Made the Following Remark: “thank You Especially to The 42% of You Who Applauded. I’m Looking Forward to Being Here Tonight with The only Americans that Have a Lower Approval Rating than I Do.”

The fact that The Event Was Held at All Was Proof of One of Biden’s Accomplishments as President: The Release of Vaccines and Tests that have allowed many Americans to resume some semblance of their previous lifestyles two years after Covid-19 shut down the economy and changed the world. The President may also take credit for a rare bipartisan victory: an infrastructure bill that his predecessors had failed to pass.

The political environment is terrible for Democrats -- and it may get worse

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And his leadership was essential in forging an unexpectedly united Western reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which may have mitigated some of the political fallout from last year’s botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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