The Undoing Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Much More

Fortunately for us, 2020 has proven to be an excellent year for premium television. The Undoing, directed by David E. Kelley and starring Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Donald Sutherland, and Lily Rabe, was one among the numerous treasures that kept us occupied and entertained. Similar to Kidman and Kelley’s last collaboration, Big Little Lies, this HBO miniseries, which debuted in October, followed residents of a wealthy and closed-off enclave (in this case, the Upper East Side) whose perfectly manicured lives are flipped upside down by a crime. We watched Grace Fraser (Kidman) glide through a pre-Covid Manhattan, gorgeously robed and bejewelled, attempting to figure out whether her adoring paediatric doctor husband Jonathan (Grant) was actually an unfaithful, sociopathic murderer, over the course of six episodes.

While the finale left no space for speculation as to who committed the crime, fans have speculated that a second season of The Undoing, which has received four Golden Globe nominations, could be on the way. Here’s what we know so far.

Season 2 of The Undoing will be released on:

According to my super-scientific analysis of the first season’s (COVID-delayed) production and release dates, as well as past HBO renewal announcements, it will most likely premiere in late winter or early spring 2023.

The first season of The Undoing was ordered by HBO in March 2018, and filming began in New York State in mid-2019. The show was planned to premiere in May of this year, but it was postponed until late October owing to the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, Big Little Lies was renewed in December 2017, eight months after the first season concluded, for a second season, which will air in June 2019.

The show was well-received and has been nominated for accolades.

BLL’s great popularity and critical praise played a big role in the late decision to continue the one-off series—season 2 was announced in December 2017, eight months after season 1 ended and three months after the show won five Primetime Emmy Awards. This is good news for The Undoing, as it was the first HBO show to raise its audience each week, and its finale was the most watched episode of any series on the network, surpassing—what else?—BLL’s season 2 finale in 2019. Kidman and Grant are also SAG nominees, in addition to the show’s four Golden Globe nominations.

Who would star in season 2 of The Undoing?

It couldn’t happen without Nicole Kidman if it goes ahead. As the show progressed, it became increasingly evident that The Undoing was all about her (and not her outwardly charming and magnetic husband, who commanded all the attention). Fans, on the other hand, would undoubtedly want Hugh Grant’s character to return, even if he’d be stuck behind bars in an orange jumpsuit the entire time.

Noah Jupe’s presence is also expected, as is Donald Sutherland’s portrayal of his on-screen grandfather. Lily Rabe’s character Sylvia, who was essential to season one’s ultimate twist, would almost certainly return. We might also see Noma Dumezweni (Jonathan’s brave lawyer Haley Fitzgerald), Ismael Cruz Cordova (Elena’s spouse), and Edan Alexander, depending on the storyline’s course (who played Miguel Alves).

What may the plot of The Undoing season 2 be about?

The Undoing was essentially a narrative about Grace’s blindness to her husband’s dark and dangerous true nature, as the final episode highlighted. The first five episodes focused on her carefully putting the puzzle pieces together, culminating in a cathartic ending.

While it’s only speculation at this moment, we’d expect a second season to focus on Grace and Henry, maybe exploring how they’re dealing with the seismic events of the first season. Grace begins to rebuild her life and come into her own outside of her toxic marriage in the novel on which the programme is based, so there may be room to weave it into a future on-screen plot.


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Where can I view the second season trailer of The Undoing?

There isn’t a new trailer to share with you because season two has yet to be confirmed. While we wait for more information, you can watch exclusive interviews with the cast, including Hugh Grant and Noma Dumezweni, on Digital Spy. The Undoing broadcast on HBO and Sky Atlantic, and is now available to stream on the NOW TV streaming service.

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