The Wilds Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More!

It’s not Lord of the Flies, but your favourite saga about teens stuck on a barren island is returning. The Wilds, a Prime Video young adult thriller about betrayal and deadly experiments, premiered Season 2 this week.

Season 1 followed a group of adolescent girls as they travelled to a women’s empowerment retreat. It was terrifying enough when their jet crashed on a deserted island. The news that its retreat staged the catastrophe as part of its own social experiment was even frightening. What’s creepier? There was also a plane full of boys that crashed. The ladies and gentlemen are about to collide. Who will make it? Who is going to ruin everything? And how are you going to watch it?

Season 2 premiere date for The Wilds

The release date for Season 2 of The Wilds has been confirmed for May 6, 2022. Season 1’s 10 episodes were released on Amazon Prime Video on December 11, 2020, therefore season 2 is anticipated to follow suit and broadcast each segment in its entirety.

Season 2 cast of The Wilds

Rachel Griffiths (Gretchen), David Sullivan (Daniel), Troy Winbush (Dean), Sophia Ali (Fatin), Sarah Pidgeon (Leah), Jenna Clause (Martha), Erana James (Toni), Mia Healey (Shelby), Helena Howard (Nora), Reign Edwards (Rachel), and Shannon Berry (Dot) are all set to return for season 2.

The new male cast members, as well as their roles, have been confirmed.

Rafael Garcia, a modest youngster from Tijuana who resides in San Diego, is played by Zack Calderon.

Henry Tanaka, played by Aidan Laprete, is a hermit who tends to lose himself in the world’s gloom.

Josh Herbert, who is also from San Diego, is played by Nicholas Coombe. Josh, a hypochondriac, is shy and anxious, in contrast to his athletic relatives.

Kirin O’Conner, Charles Alexander’s on-screen alter ego, is an impatient lacrosse player who is more than happy to lead the castaways.

Ivan Taylor is played by Miles Guttierez-Riley, an activist and aspiring playwright with a biting wit — frequently at the expense of others.

Scotty Simms, an ambitious entrepreneur from Florida, is played by Reed Shannon, while Tanner Ray Rook portrays Scotty’s soft-spoken pal Bo, who has a naive outlook on life.

Alex Fitzalan plays Seth Novak, a witty and clever character who quickly earns the admiration of others.

Season 2 of The Wilds Plot

We were introduced to a group of teen girls who were stranded on a lonely island after a plane crash in the first season. Despite the fact that they all come from diverse backgrounds and have no solutions, they must band together to survive. The plane crash, on the other hand, was manufactured, and the girls’ arrival on this island was far from an accident.

Season 2 of The Wilds only looks to expand on the first season’s intrigue while raising the stakes for our favourite characters.

“Survival hangs in the balance for a group of young girls stuck on a deserted island, after the explosive discovery that what’s happening to them is an extensive sociological experiment,” according to the official synopsis. With the introduction of fresh test subjects – a new island of teenage guys — who must also struggle for survival under the careful eye of the experiment’s puppet master, Season 2 ups the drama and keeps you wondering.”

What happened in the first season of The Wilds?

Season 1 started with a group of women waking up stuck on an unknown island and led us on a tremendous rollercoaster ride. They thought they were on their way to the Dawn of Eve, a women’s retreat, when their plane crashed, resulting in their new existence.

However, it was later discovered that the whole affair was staged and that they had been drugged before to being placed on the island.

Nora and Jeanette were the two moles that knew everything. Jeanette died of internal haemorrhage, and the rest of the islanders were oblivious of her existence, while Nora’s reality was not disclosed until the very end.

Helena Howard portrays Nora in the film The Wilds. Even the parents of the group were blissfully unaware of the ruse, believing they were sending their daughters to a location where they could heal from their own traumas and issues.

The majority of the girls were in a bunker with persons they thought were investigators towards the end of the series. The series finished with Leah and Shelby uncovering film of the Twilight of Adam, which appears to be an analogous experiment involving young men. This moves us to the second season..


Is there a trailer available?

Yes, an official trailer was released after a teaser trailer. It depicts the girls who are still stuck on the strange island, plainly fighting for their life to stay alive.

We also get a peek at the new group of guys, who appear to have been a part of the experiment from the beginning. What’s the big reveal? There were always two islands in plane disasters with two stages. However, it appears that fans may expect many more surprises during the season.

Below is the trailer for Season 2 of The Wilds..

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