The world’s gone mad: Kate Bush on ‘Stranger Things’ and chart revival in rare interview

In a rare interview given to the BBC today, Kate Bush said, “The whole world has gone nuts.”

The singer was speaking on the daytime show Woman’s Hour after her song “Running Up That Hill,” which was used in the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” made a comeback on the charts.

Bush told the program’s host Emma Barnett, “It is absolutely extraordinary.”

I anticipated that the track would receive some attention, but I never anticipated it would be this much.

When it was initially released in 1985, “Running Up That Hill” peaked at number 3. It has since risen to the top of the UK official charts. It took the longest of any song to ascend to the top after being released.

Bush’s first-ever US top 10 single, “Running Up That Hill,” is currently at the top of the charts there as well.

She has broken Cher’s previous record for the oldest woman to ever have a top 10 US song by releasing “Believe” at the age of 63.

Bush has reached a whole new audience thanks to its inclusion in the Netflix series.

The singer continued, “I appreciate that this is a completely new audience; they have never heard of me.

Who is Kate Bush, exactly?

Bush, who has a cult following and extensive discography, started her career in the late 1970s and first rose to fame with the popular song “Wuthering Heights.”

The musician has had hits throughout the decades, but due to her reclusive nature, the singer seldom ever tours or is seen in public, with a few notable exceptions, such as when she gave two performances in 2014 that garnered attention on a global scale.

Bush’s sixth studio album included the song “Running Up That Hill,” which was released 37 years ago.

“Music is extraordinarily unique and distinct from all other types of art. Bush asserts that while music has a way of moving people, all other forms of art have a place of their own.

She also acknowledged the song’s original working title, which was changed by music business professionals out of concern for offending listeners.

I still call it “A Deal With God,” she continued.

I assume Kate Bush enjoys Stranger Things

In the third and final season of “Stranger Things,” a daring gang of teenagers fights a pernicious, supernatural presence in a 1980s US town.

Bush used the one-off interview as an opportunity to praise the series’ creators, the Duffer brothers, and the creative usage of the plot device “Running Up That Hill.”

Red-haired teen Max suffers a dreadful demise at the hands of the evil Vecna in the nightmare dimension of the Upside Down in season four’s fourth episode. Her friends are able to help her by playing the song “Running Up That Hill” on her walkman.

“I felt it was a brilliant idea to use the music as a talisman for Max. Really, it’s quite emotional,” Bush said, adding that she loved the show and had binge-watched it with her family after learning about it from acquaintances.

The performer said, “We have been following it since the start.

Is “Running Up That Hill’s” success attributable to TikTok?

Since the publication of the most recent season, the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” has eclipsed the impassioned period drama “Bridgerton.”

The concert’s impact on the song’s rebirth in popularity has been seen on social media and streaming sites, providing a performer who first gained notoriety almost forty years ago a position in today’s zeitgeist.

On Spotify, “Running Up That Hill” used to receive 700,000 daily streams.


In the meantime, a hastily edited 30-second snippet of the show that featured the song was posted on TikTok.

As soon as the song entered the social media sphere, it received millions of views, inspired jokes and memes, and appeared in 500,000 videos within a week of the episode’s airing.

Bush, who admitted to using an “ancient brick” for a phone so she won’t be bothered when she’s out of the house, was delighted by the attention to her music.

The performer said, “I appreciate that this audience is entirely unfamiliar with me.

“Thank you all very much, I really appreciate it. Amazing things are taking place.


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