Trump calls for drug dealers to get the death penalty in somber Las Vegas campaign speech

During a somber-toned speech in Las Vegas on Friday night, Donald Trump stated that drug dealers who are found guilty should receive the death penalty.

A few days after being subpoenaed in Georgia prosecutors’ probe into election fraud in Fulton County, he also claimed that his former attorney Rudy Giuliani is currently receiving treatment for a “heart ailment” in a hospital.

Trump declared that the former mayor of New York City is “doing well,” adding, “Can you believe it? what they made Rudy endure.

Giuliani had heart stents earlier this week, but then informed NBC that he had already left the hospital.

The former president described the United States as a “failed nation,” noting a rise in violence in major cities and a wave of migrants at the southern border while speaking with his hands clasped firmly on the platform.

In an unusually dismal tone, he also presented a bleak image of violence in US cities, alleging that “elderly ladies are being raped” and “children are being wantonly slain.”

Simply put, our country is in decline. Trump declared, “We are a failed nation.

He asserted that a “deadly tsunami of anarchy and mayhem” was sweeping the nation.

We pretend to teach other people in other nations about their democracies despite the fact that our country has been brought to its knees and humiliated in front of the globe. Added Trump.

He then made a comment that at first glance seemed to hint toward a bid for 2024.

So, there’s some debate surrounding this. And I will either receive a standing ovation for what I’m about to say—and I don’t care about the ovation; I care about the country—or people will leave the room. But this is the right time to express it,” the former leader remarked.

“If you take a look at nations all around the world…

The only countries that don’t have a drug problem are those that have drug dealers put to death.

The former president predicted “blood” flowing in the streets of cities governed by Democrats in an unusually gloomy speech.

At the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, former President Trump is giving a speech.

They are the only ones who are trouble-free, he said.

“We simply want to have a magnificent country once more,” And our nation needs to be safe.

Trump said that Democrat-run cities were rife with rape and murder crimes, going into unusually graphic detail to describe what he thinks to be the cost of increased crime. He was also eager to attribute the rise in violence to President Joe Biden’s policies.

“These Democratic strongholds are virtually entirely where the blood of these victims was found.” According to Trump, infants are being murdered and old women are being raped and shot in the face.

“Aged ladies are being raped.” Children are being mutilated by knife attacks. Joe Biden pushed the rioters’ agenda into the White House when he was a candidate, helping to lead his party’s ugly assault against our police officers.

He said that Biden’s most recent executive order, which increased police accountability by, among other things, prohibiting chokeholds and limiting no-knock warrants, was “defunding police departments.”

Despite claims from the president’s left that his closest advisors may be too moderate on the subject, Biden was accused by Trump of “staffing his government with an army of anti-police radicals.”

He also launched another presidential tease using the worries about the crime wave.

Days after being subpoenaed by Georgia prosecutors in their ongoing election fraud investigation, Trump claimed that his former attorney Rudy Giuliani is in the hospital with a “heart condition.”

The first order of business for a new Republican Congress will be to put an immediate stop to this radical agenda. Trump stated, “We want law and order.

Then, in 2024, we must elect a Republican president to put an end to Joe Biden’s rule of lawlessness.

According to recent research, violent crime is surging alarmingly compared to last year.

Despite being only over halfway through the year, six major cities – Los Angeles, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York City, and Washington, DC – are all expected to surpass their 2021 violent crime statistics, according to Fox News.

Trump continued to criticize Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, during his address. James is a frequent target of Trump’s political attacks ever since the Democrat official began an inquiry into his family’s real estate enterprise in 2019.

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., his two oldest children, have consented to testify in James’ civil investigation into whether the Trump Organization engaged in financial fraud by overstating the worth of its assets. The date of their deposition is set for next Friday, July 15.

In the speech on Friday night, Trump made the implication that James’ probe had violated his civil rights.

Trump urged his followers, “We have to demolish every single street gang, cartel, and brutal criminal organisation operating in America.” It is a difficult job for prosecutors to pursue these violent offenders with genuine intent.

However, in many instances, racist prosecutors ought to also be thoroughly looked into for their flagrant disregard for federal civil rights legislation.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, has been looking into the Trump Organization since 2019. Late last year, she served a summons on Donald Trump and his two oldest children.

James directly addressed him when he remarked, “It’s happening to me, with a racist Attorney General in New York, who campaigned exclusively on the notion that she would get Donald Trump.”

“Who is this woman?” I asked. Is she insane? a tiny amount. The audience chuckled as he continued, “No, a lot.

Trump began his event with a video montage that erroneously said that mainstream national Democrats wanted to stop supporting the police.

Trump declares, “We will succeed,” as the film finishes with upbeat, cinematic music.

But the former president’s speech at the event got off to a rocky start as Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” drowned out his tribute to the recently slain former prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe.

Republicans believe that Nevada is rich with blue districts that are susceptible to flipping in the 2017 midterm elections.

The former Nevada attorney general Adam Laxalt is running against Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in November, and Trump is in Las Vegas to support him.

Additionally, he is campaigning for Joe Lombardo, a Nevada gubernatorial contender. With Trump’s support, Clark County Sheriff Lombardo won the Republican nomination and will now take on incumbent Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak.

Both races are seen as evenly matched. In the polling average from FiveThirtyEight, Lombardo is just over two points behind Sisolak.

Cortez Masto is still hanging onto a slim three-percent advantage according to a Change Research poll from late June.


Donald Trump Admits He’s The One ‘On Trial’ In Jan. 6 Hearings

Delta Reportedly Offered Passengers $10K To Give Up Seats On Oversold Flight

Trump will hold a Save America rally in Alaska on Saturday, immediately following his speech in Las Vegas.

This weekend, the former president will hold two rallies back-to-back. On Saturday, he will be speaking in Alaska.

At a “America First Agenda” rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 8, a Republican candidate for the Nevada Senate Adam Laxalt (3L) participates in a panel discussion.

Trump earlier spoke during a televised rally for former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt (pictured shaking hands with Trump)

There, the former president is rallying support for Republican House hopeful Sarah Palin and former Alaskan governor and vice-presidential nominee Kelly Tshibaka.

Palin is seeking to replace the late longtime Representative Don Young, who passed away this year, while Tshibaka is aiming to unseat current Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Trump was enraged by Murkowski, a fellow Republican, who supported the president’s conviction in the second impeachment trial.

On August 16, there will be a prominent primary.

Trump’s consecutive political appearances follow several claims that he’s preparing to declare his candidacy for president shortly as the House of Representatives committee inquiry into his current and former friends intensifies on January 6.

And on Wednesday night, the former president revealed that his famed “Trump Force One” plane is back in operation after having been virtually idle since he assumed office in 2017. This is just one more indication that the ex-president plans to run for president in 2024.

Throughout his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump’s preferred mode of transportation was the Boeing 757.

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