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Trump Claims He Doesn’t Have Documents New York Attorney General Is Seeking – as It Happened

Trump claims he doesn’t have documents New York attorney general is seeking – as it happened

Trump claims he doesn’t have documents New York attorney general is seeking – as it happened

Trump claims he doesn’t have documents New York attorney general is seeking – as it happened

In a written affidavit, former President Donald Trump stated that he did not have any records sought by the New York attorney general in connection with the Trump Organization’s finances.

Trump’s fruitless attempt to get the civil contempt and daily penalties of $10,000 per day imposed on him by New York state Judge Arthur Engoron lifted was a one-page signed affidavit filed with the court on Friday.

The court dismissed Trump’s petition to dismiss the contempt charge after a brief telephonic session on Friday morning.

“Mr. Trump’s affidavit is devoid of any relevant information. It also fails to indicate where he kept his files, how they were stored in the normal course of business, who had access to them, what, if any, retention policy they were subject to, and, most significantly, where he believes they are now situated “he penned The judge also considered Trump’s attorney’s sworn declaration unacceptable.

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The judge previously stated that if Trump complied with the subpoena or documented his or his attorneys’ efforts to locate the records sought by the subpoena, the contempt would be lifted. He referred to Trump’s attorney’s previous answer as “boilerplate.”

“To the best of my knowledge, I do not have any of the papers requested in the subpoena dated December 1, 2021, in my possession,” Trump stated in the sworn statement signed April 27. He stated that any records would be in the Trump Organization’s custody and that he has authorized them to comply with the demand. That order has also been appealed to by the former President.

In a letter to the judge, lawyers for New York Attorney General Letitia James objected, saying, “Mr. Trump’s two-paragraph affidavit contributes nothing to the conversation. Mr. Trump just claims off the top of his head, with no indication that he undertook any sort of search, that he has no papers in his ‘personal possession’ in response to the December 2021 subpoena.”

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They also said that while affidavits from Trump’s lawyers reveal some fresh information regarding their investigation, they are “insufficient to overturn the contempt determination.”

If no new records are discovered once the investigation is completed, the attorney general’s office believes Trump did not maintain records.

They added, “It is simply not feasible that Mr. Trump only penned three documents dealing with the value of his assets and riches.”

Additional files need to be checked by Trump’s counselor Haystack ID, the third-party service hired for document production, according to the attorney general’s office. All of Trump’s hard copy files in Trump Tower or off-site storage, all of Trump’s executive assistants’ paper files, all electronic devices belonging to Trump and his assistants, including cell phones and computers, and every property where Trump maintains a personal office or residence are among those files.

The majority of the material review at Trump Tower will be completed by Haystack by May 6, according to the attorney general’s office. They pointed out that Haystack detected two Trump flip phones, but the attorney general’s office argued that because Trump purportedly used a smartphone, “he has, or must have had in the past, one or more phones that he obtained for personal use.”

Investigators also questioned Trump’s attorney’s use of past searches done by the Trump Organization’s counsel in response to previous subpoenas.

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Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, revealed in a written document that she had gone to Florida to speak with Trump and had verified some of the paperwork. Trump’s estates in Bedminster, New Jersey, and Mar-a-Lago, Florida, she claimed, lacked documentation.

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