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Two Florida Sheriff’s Deputies Suspended For Leaking News Of Bob Saget’s Death

According to the Associated Press, two Florida sheriff’s deputies were suspended for 81 hours without pay for disclosing information about Bob Saget’s death before the comedian’s family was notified of his departure.

A deputy who took part in the response on January 9 notified his brother about the incident, and the brother later shared it on social media. The neighbour was informed about the comedian’s passing by the other deputy, who was not a part of the investigation.

According to Orange County Sheriff John Mina, “this example illustrates how crucial it is to provide detectives the time in death investigations to ensure next of kin notifications are made before that information is made public.” The deputies admitted their mistakes and received punishment for them.


The situation also reveals one of the possible reasons why Kelly Rizzo, Saget’s wife, and their three kids sued in February to demand that records that “graphically reflect Mr. Saget, his likeness or features, or parts of him” after his death be sealed.

In March, a judge issued an order sealing certain records indefinitely.

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