Who Is Ty Tennant? David Tennant’s Son in the House of Dragon

Who Is Ty Tennant

The House of the Dragons series quickly gained wide acclaim and is currently streaming as one of the most eagerly awaited programmes in history. The House of the Dragons, which has been releasing each episode on Sunday, has generated a lot of attention because to HBO’s innovative approaches.

Ty Tennant: Who is he?

Who Is Ty Tennant

Ty Tennant, a 20-year-old actor, has made multiple TV appearances thus far in his still-developing acting career.

Ty’s name was changed from Ty Moffett to Ty Tennant by deed poll on March 21, 2012, before David Tennant married Ty’s mother, Georgia Tennant.

“Twice, his name has been altered. Ty Peter Martin-Moffett is his name as it appears on his authentic birth certificate.

A few weeks later, his mother removed his father’s last name and altered his name to Ty Peter Moffett.

In House of the Dragon, who does Ty Tennent portray?

Ty is portraying Prince Aegon Targaryen, who series viewers first met as a young child in episode three.

He was given the name Aegon after the first Targaryen to invade Westeros, Aegon the Conqueror.

Which role in House of Dragons would Ty Tennant be most suited to play?

We also know that House of the Dragon will make a significant leap in the upcoming episodes by casting a number of Selcouth actors in parts that have not yet been revealed.

Considering the most recent episode of the show, there are more new people, particularly kids, who must play significant parts in the remaining episodes.

As we all know, Ty Tennant is the son of David Tennant and will be playing a spectacular part. The maze-like king’s landing is filled with deceit and the desire for power. King Aegon, the son of King Viserys and Alicent Hightower, would be the rightful successor to the iron kingdom, and Ty Tenant would play the starring role. He is Princess Rhaenyra’s half-brother and the eldest son to be born to the King and the Queen.

The King’s landing has undergone metamorphosis, and he has matured into a grownup with brilliant wit. However, as of the sixth season, his combat prowess is even more commendable, but he is evolving or shaping his character into a ruthless adult with the ability to make everyone dance to his whims and fancies.


He plays the part of King Aegon, and after his father, he will take the throne of iron. Future King Aegon is the real born blood of the Targaryens, and he constantly implies that his own brother Aemond is also of Targaryen heritage. Because his brother has a delicate and frail soul, he enjoys torturing and humiliating him. By collaborating with Jacarys, the oldest son of her aunt Rhaenyra, he exploits his own brother.

According to George Martin’s book, the Targaryen dynasty was mostly destroyed because of the catastrophic civil war known as “The Dance of Dragons.” This occurred when queen Alicent Hightower forced her son Aegon to take the Iron Throne before Rhaenyra had a chance to consider it after being convinced by her father and others. The implication of this is that Ty Tennant will undoubtedly play a key role in the next House of Dragon episodes.

However, Ty Tennant would only be appearing for a short while because he is portraying King Aegon during his adolescent years. But it’s unclear how long Tennant will reign the House of Dragons, and it’s likely that he will eventually be replaced by another older actor, just as D’Arcy and Cooke were by Alcock and Carey for the other characters.

Ty is willing to play the Doctor Who role

Who Is Ty Tennant

Ty’s family has a history with the job. Along with his father, his grandfather also assumed the responsibility. Georgia, Ty’s mother, is a descendant of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison. David later rose to the rank of Doctor 10. Matt Smith, Ty’s House of the Dragon co-star, played the eleventh Doctor.

In 2020, he admitted to The Sunday Post, “I don’t think I would ever deny the invitation.” “Taking on Doctor Who is such a huge undertaking. The position will go to whoever is actually qualified for it. I’ll do my best if that’s allowed, for sure.

In case acting doesn’t pan out, Ty has a fallback strategy.

Strangely, I had always wanted to work in computer coding if acting doesn’t work out. In an interview with The Sunday Post, Ty also said, “I’ve always been a geek. Ty will pursue acting as a career for a very long time based on the jobs he has already landed at a young age.

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